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Episode 372 – He’s Ba-ack!!!

First, we have the Children in Need Doctor Who skit drop showing the genesis of the Daleks. It is hilarious and explains everything you ever wanted to know about the Daleks and why The Doctor is to blame. From Mr. Castavillian to Davros, this charitable short is an absolute must for fans and newbies alike. Then Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special #1, The Star Beast, is released on BBC One and Disney+ with a bang. David Tennant and Catherine Tate are back, delivering a special jam-packed with emotions, action, and the twists we have come to expect from The Doctor. Who didn’t feel joy when we met Donna and her family…which includes her daughter Rose. Of course, her daughter has to have that name… it is fate. But why does The Doctor have the face of Ten? What is pushing him towards Donna? Who is Meep and where can we get one of our own? This special uses music by Murray Gold and some are renditions of his previous episodes. How does this which impact the action? Will Donna survive if she once again became DoctorDonna? How does motherhood affect her survival? What gift does Rose offer her mother? Who is counting the minutes until the next special streams? Join this week’s show as Whovians Mark Baumgarten, Vicky Jakubowski, and Zion Quiros dissect, gush, and discuss the future.

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