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Episode 373 – The Mavity of the Situation

We are at the Edge of the Universe in Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special #2 on BBC One and Disney+ worldwide. The Doctor and Donna are lost in space and time thanks to her coffee snafu. When they crash into the apple tree above Isaac Newton, they create a linguistic ripple. Next, they land in a spaceship at the end of the universe. Should you watch this episode at night? Maybe not alone. Why does the TARDIS suddenly disappear? Where was the sonic screwdriver when The Doctor needed it? Are the doppelgängers harmless? What do they want from Donna and The Doctor? How do the Nots assimilate their victims? Will they escape into the known universe to start a war? Does Donna know everything The Doctor went through since they were last together? Can The Doctor and Donna solve the mystery in time to stop the Not-Thems? When Wilf welcomes them back to Earth, what is the danger? Listen as Mark Baumgarten, Vicky Jakubowski and Zion Quiros chat about Wild Blue Yonder and the many twists and turns it includes.

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