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Episode 374 – The Giggling Balls of Gallifrey

The Toymaker has exploded into the 3rd and final Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special on BBC One and Disney+ worldwide. The Celestial trickster is back and wants to play a game again with The Doctor. Is The Toymaker a sore loser? Why would he play something as simple as a basic ball toss? Has he truly been beaten? How was The Doctor able to play after bigeneration when regeneration usually incapacitates the new Doctor? Who is the 14th Doctor now when we have the 15th Doctor? What is his place in the universe? As a fan favorite, will David Tennant overshadow the new series with Ncuti Gatwa? Will the bigeneration have a ripple effect on time and past Doctors? Does Kate Lethbridge-Stewart really believe all those horrid things she said while under the influence of the Giggle? How impactful (and ironic) is The Doctor’s speech about hate to the human race? Was Russell T Davies’ script borrowing too much from his previous stories? Will Donna join UNIT? Join Mark Baumgarten, Vicky Jakubowski and Zion Quiros as the discuss The Giggle and the future of Doctor Who.

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