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MWIRE Weekly – 10/14/2013 – Captain Phillips


MWIRE Weekly for the week of Oct 14th 2013 has Dan, Kevin and Mike talking about Star Wars, TMNT and Fantastic Four news and a whole lot more!

What Have We Been Watching:

Shaun of the Dead, Much A Do About Nothing and The Way Way Back

Movie News:

Casting Call:
Trailer Talk:
Box Office:
TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 1 Gravity WB $44,265,000 -20.7% 3,660 +85 $12,094 $123,400,000 $100 2
2 N Captain Phillips Sony $26,000,000 3,020 $8,609 $26,000,000 $55 1
3 2 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Sony $14,200,000 -32.2% 3,874 -127 $3,665 $78,037,000 $78 3
4 N Machete Kills ORF $3,797,000 2,538 $1,496 $3,797,000 1
5 3 Runner Runner Fox $3,725,000 -51.7% 3,026 $1,231 $14,114,000 $30 2

Main Attraction:

Discussion of Captain Phillips

 Coming Attractions:

New to Theaters October 18th 2013:


The Fifth Estate

12 Years a Slave

Escape Plan

 Blu/DVD releases for October 15th 2013:

Pacific Rim

The Heat


Who is the one actor or actress that actually influences whether you see a film or not see a film?




Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Mike “BoothNinja81” Powers

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

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  1. Some things I noticed while listening:

    1. Calling out Blade Runner and 2001 as over rated on your second episode. That’s brave lol. I could not disagree more with either by the way.

    2. Can Avatar just go ahead die already.

    3. Michael Bay making a horror movie?…shivers

    4. “The headline is Harrison Ford needs a job”—best line of the podcast

    5. I agree with Kevin that Captain Phillip needed more back story. I did really like it though.

    One actor that makes me stay away from a movie is Nicholas Cage. He used to be awesome, now all he does is garbage.

    I do have a question for you all. I didn’t hear a star rating for Captain Phillips so I was wondering what movie you liked more this or Gravity? And someone mention Top 10 of the year so far, what else would be on that list?

    1. “3. Michael Bay making a horror movie?…shivers”

      aren’t they all horror films that he makes….? minus Armageddon I still love that flick.

      1. I liked The Rock, Bad Boys, and even Pain and Gain was ok. Plus the Transformers films are ok for what they are.

    2. I could be mistaken I don’t think we called Blade Runner overrated, just that I don’t seem to have seen the same movie as other people. I’m going to give it a rewatch though. I didn’t hate it or think it was overrated when I saw it a few years back. Same for my opinion on 2001, I’ve never made it all the way through the movie myself, like I said I fell asleep, but I can understand why it get the credit it does. I’m not intentionally trying to be neutral or avoid bias I just don’t like using terms like overrated, especially when I don’t think something can be overrated, it’s all personal opinions at the end of the day:)

      1. Maybe I misheard what you were saying. If you were to rewatch Blade Runner I’d go with The Final Cut. I think someone said the Director’s Cut is the best, but I prefer The Final one.

        I get why some people may not like 2001 or Blade Runner. Both are slow and a lot different from today’s films. I also think they, like Gravity, are best experienced on the biggest screen possible.

        1. Blade Runner is just weird. I always see little snippets or screen grabs of scenes from the movie that make me think it’s awesome, but the. I don’t recall ever seeing such a scene when I watched, lol. That’s one reason why I think I watched a different movie from everyone else. Lol.

    3. I’m not a fan of 2001, but I can recognize its place in history. Though I do love Blade Runner. It is super slow but there’s a ton going on. You just have to keep a close eye to it.

    4. Sorry I just can’t seem to find one good redeemable thing about 2001. Hated the entire thing and I am one of the biggest sci-fi fans I know :(

      1. Not one redeemable quality? Not sure if that is just a statement of hyperbole to sound controversial or you are just being ridiculous.

        There is no question it is one of the greatest movies ever made.The special effects are still better than the majority of movies today. What was accomplished in that movie was legendary. Many of Kubricks edits are still look at today with wonder. Every minute detail from top to bottom was packed with metaphors in countless clever ways. Sure its dense but by being dense there is so many ways you can take each and every frame of that movie.

        If its not your thing ok, but to say there nothing redeemable, boggles my mind.

        1. To say its one of the greatest movies ever boggles mine. To each their own and I’m glad you enjoy it but I’m not being ridiculous – I personally find nothing good about that movie.

          1. If you can’t find ANYTHING good about that movie you are just being closed minded. It’s not just me saying it, its most if not all the greatest film makers of all time, critics, movie historians, etc.. Who know a trillion more about film then anyone on this board combined. No, I’m not just blindly following them, but when you listen to what they have to say about it, its impact, how it changed movie techniques forever, and what its meant for the genre to not have ANY appreciation for it is a little much.

            If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But there is no question of its greatest.There are a lot of great films I’m not a fan of, but I’m not going to be arrogant enough to say there is nothing redeemable about them.

          2. So I’m arrogant now? Sorry but there is a lot wrong with that last comment of yours but I am going to let it slide ;) – I am glad you enjoy and appreciate it. Let’s leave it at that shall we

          3. Out of everything I said all you pick out was that I called you arrogant. SMH. I never called you arrogant. I said I wouldn’t say there is nothing redeemable about a film that is universally considered great because I wouldn’t want to be arrogant. I can see why you thought I was calling you arrogant, but that wasn’t my intention. I would feel that way if I said something of that nature in certain cases. If you don’t feel that way, more power to you. So I apologize if you took offense.

            Still, I do believe you are being close minded. The key here isn’t that I think you should like or or say its amazing,or a great film of all time. To say there is NOTHING redeemable is just a statement that is a little much that feels like you are just fishing.

            To say it boggles your mind to call it one of the greatest can be just as offensive to some people as being called ‘arrogant’. Like I mentioned there are a huge amount of the greatest film minds that believe that as well. Do you have to agree with them, no, but not trying to be open enough to recognize there maybe some legitimacy in that belief is very bold.

            Maybe your process is to say you don’t like it and walk away. Personally, I rather examine it further with an open mind to determine where the love is coming from. I too was not a fan of 2001 the first few times I saw it. But I was always interested in seeing where the greatness everyone was talking about was coming from. The more I read, listened, and watch the more I began to see it. Especially when you study the history of film and how much it changed Science FIction and movies in general. I saw why some of today’s greatest directors use it as inspiration. This isn’t one of those situations where people say its great because they are scared people will think they are dumb. The hype people talk about is true. I

          4. I get some of it from a technical stand point and what not and in ways I do fish or like to play devils advocate to spur on conversation and debate – But I do think a TON of people say its great just because they feel like its ‘classic’ its ‘old’ and people say its great so they would be seen as ignorant if they didnt agree. Same can be said about Snow White really :) woops there I went and did it again ;)

          5. You can easily counteract the “People only like it cause its
            old” with people DON’T like it because it’s old, or don’t like it because it doesn’t have the narrative comforts they are used to, or if you want to be mean that they are not smart enough to understand it or too lazy to do the work that is needed to get it.

            Now, I don’t believe that’s true. I feel uncomfortable delegitimizing someone’s opinion by saying their feelings toward a subject are unwarranted. I may disagree with your love of The Butler, but I’m not going to say the only reason you like it is because it’s new, or you are scared not liking it would make you feel like a racist. Which sadly has been said by a lot of people. Youhave your reasons for liking it, I have mine for not liking it one bit.

            Same thing for 2001. I find the whole, they only like this movie because… argument a moot one to make. Who am I to tell someone their love for a movie is not based on their true feelings, and they are just afraid of what not liking will look
            like. Or they feel obligated to liking it.

            2001 is only about 7 years older than Star Wars. Could you
            not then say people only like Star Wars because it’s old as well then? What’s the threshold of the ‘only like it because it’s old argument’ start. Pre 1970? Because a lot of people look at the mid to early 60’s as one of the low points in American cinema.

            So I’m clear I have no issue if you disagree with how great
            or bad 2001 is, or if you think I’m wrong. My issues more through statements like it has nothing redeemable about it, or that people don’t like it because for genuine reasons. I find the practice of diminishing others opinions by saying they are
            based on false pretenses troublesome. *Not that I think that is your intention* I get what you are saying. That you don’t feel it deserves the accolades it is getting. Fine, I get that. 2001 was in
            many ways was made to spur those types of arguments, which I enjoy.

            Agreeing all the time is boring. I just don’t like the idea of fortifying one’s own beliefs by saying others are misguided , well…depending on the situation. lol

            Obviously arguments of a movie’s quality tend to come down
            to taste. Our tastes are completely different. There is no doubt. Which is why I tend to listen to shows like yours. I could listen to podcasts I only agree with, if those exist, but that’s boring. I like challenging myself and listening to the otherside. Not that we disagree on everything. Our opinions on Captain Phillips appear in sync. Anyways this is very long winded so I apologize for that. I look forward to the next episode.

          6. I look forward to more in depth debates and discussions with you sir – My biggest problem is making posts and replies when I am beyond tired long after a marathon work day – It is at that point that I don’t explain and illustrate my thoughts fully or clearly

        2. Based on your comments in regards to movies over the past couple months I find it highly unlikely that we will ever have similar opinions on a movie but I guess that’s what makes discussions and debates about the topics interesting and entertaining. I am just glad you’re not in control of the DVD/BRay shelves in my house :)

    5. 2001 for me is a film I have a lot of appreciation for. When we did our Top Science Fiction Genre films list for GCRN it was near the top of my list. With that said it’s not a film I enjoy watching a great deal. I haven’t seen it on the big screen, and I do understand to really appreciate it you must so it in a theater. I am mesmerized by its sheer depth, technical craftsmanship, and just how dense it is. I get why movies, books, and many podcasts are dedicated to dissecting it so deeply because how much goes into each shot. But I wouldn’t call it a favorite or one I enjoy watching. It’s like getting dragged through a museum you have no interest in. Obviously the work is made by talented people and has a place in history, but I’m not personally invested.

    6. To answer your question I would say I enjoyed Captain Phillips a tad more than Gravity. Gravity will certainly have the more lasting impact, but if I were to do my top 10 now Captain Phillips would be higher than Gravity. That can change over time and after rewatches. My other favorite films this year so far are Fruitvale Station, Before Midnight, Beyond the Hills, Mud, Pacific Rim, Stories We Tell, Pacific Rim, among others. Those aren’t my ‘top 10’ per say. Just ones that stood out.

  2. If I see Kristen Stewart is staring in a film I walk away as quickly as possible. She is the epitome of a horrible actress. She has one emotion, and that emotion she can barely pull

    Again, I am loving the movie talk. Very epic. Can’t wait for more. I haven’t seen Captain Phillips, but you may have convinced me to do so.

  3. If I see Eddie Murphy is in a movie I check out right then and there. He’s stuff post 80’s is all garbage.

    The Avatar Theme Park looks really sweet. Even though I hate that movie, I’d go to that park.

    1. Eddie Murphy was pretty good in Dream Girls, besides that though I agree his career lately has been garbage.

      1. Yea I think Eddie deserved the Oscar that year, at least more so than Alan Alda who won. Like you said though his stuff recently has been as bad as movies can be.

  4. The Gravity error thing is pointless. I mean if you have to go that deep to show how wrong something is, it only shows how good it is.

    If you even want to call them actors Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris will make me stay away from just about anything.

    Someone who will make me go see a film is Denzel Washington, he always gives a great performance.

  5. Though I don’t always agree with you, I am digging what you all are spitting out. Will certainly pass this along to friends.

    There are a trillion factors that go into me seeing or not seeing a movie. I can not think of a situation where an actor or actress stop me from seeing a movie. There are those that may make more eager to see something. Too many to name really. I do like discovering an actor then going back and watching their earlier films. I did that with Michael Fassbender after X-Men: First Class.

    1. Contrary to how the comments went on the last episode we dig disagreement and discussion:) I’m sure eventually we will cover something one of us doesn’t care. We kind of got there when we were talking about Star Wars and my wish that they wouldn’t use Han, Luke or Leia

  6. I hope Episode 7 is called ‘Return of the Sith’. When the Dark SIde *said in the emperors voice* is winning the movies are better.

    Being a Star Wars fan the one guy I will always try to see is Harrison Ford. Yes, lately his career has not been what it once was, but I like the fact he is no longer trying to be the leading man any more. I thought he was good in 42 and as of right now he is the only reason I would go see Ender’s Game.

    1. Weird. I never thought of it, but you are right. When the Dark Side is winning, the movies are better. Consider me a convert!

  7. I haven’t see Captain Phillips yet, it looked good but not a movie I felt I needed to see in theaters. Though it appears I may have been wrong on that one. Good to know.

    Sean of the Dead on the other hand is one of my favorites. I think the best of that trilogy. Speaking of Sean of the Dead will you all be talking about any horror films this month? Since its October I am always in a horror mood.

    Please don’t let Bay touch a horror film. I see no possible way of him doing any type of horror film justice.

    1. I’m sure Michael and Dan will have no problem bringing some horror genre talk into the discussion. I apologize but myself, I can’t stand the genre and very rarely choose to see a horror flick when deciding which movies to watch. Too many other movies for me to watch out there. But as I said hopefully the guys will be able to have my back on this topic so it doesn’t go untouched.

      1. I get that. Horror is not for everyone. Curious to hear what rare horror movies you actually like,

    2. You are actually not the first person to asked about talking more about horror. I will be discussing a horror movie or two in the What We have Been watching section this week.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation of The Way, Way, Back. Checked it out and it was great.

    I stay away from anything Adam Sandler stars in. He used to be awesome when he did movies like Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison. Now he is not even trying.

  9. Thanks for the recommendation of The Way, Way Back. I caught up with it and dug it a lot.

    The one person’s movies I will avoid is Adam Sandler. He used to be awesome with movies like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. Now it’s like he is not even trying.

    1. Glad you liked The Way, Way Back. If you enjoyed that you should checkout Mud or The Kings of Summer. Both solid coming of age movies. Much different then The Way, Way Back–but I actually think better.

  10. There’s not one actor or actress who makes me stay away from a movie, but if a see an actress or actor is playing the ugly duckling character and they are super model pretty, blah, I’ll stay away. She’s All that is the ideal example. The ugly girl is only ugly causes has glasses and wears overalls.

  11. Those Star Wars books you were talking about sound awesome. I will for sure pick those up. I don’t know of any actor or actress that would make me go see a movie or not go see a movie. Maybe if a see a movie is full of Disney teen stars I’ll stay away, but then you have something like Spring Breakers that use those actresses as a purposeful ploy which gets me interested.

    Maybe in those situations where the hot thing at the moment gets a movie. Like when they made that awful American Idol movie or Larry the Cable Guy got a movie about something. The ones you know are just trying to capitalize on the popularity of something.

  12. Great podcast guys. I’d probably say Sam Rockwell for the actor.
    P.S. O Brother Where Art Thou is an Odyssey adaptation, not Shakespeare

    1. Thanks Whit! Sam Rockwell is a pretty solid choice. He is one of my personal favorites.

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