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MWIRE Weekly – 1/19/2014 – Oscar Nominations & Top 10 Movies of 2013


The wait is finally over as Kevin and Dan review their Top 10 Movies of 2013. Before  they divulge their lists they discuss all the latest movie news including the Ant-Man casting, Star Wars Episode 7 rumors, and Superman vs Batman getting pushed back to 2017. Also they go in depth on the Oscars! They review who was nominated, who was snubbed, and who might take home the award. So sit back and set your Tasers to snubbed as you get ready for the latest episode of MWIRE Weekly.


What We Have Been Watching Recently:

Fruitvale Station, The Spirit, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Tangled, The Spectacular Now, August: Osage County

Box Office:



The Razzies

Star Wars Focus

Tarantinos Next Project

Magic the Gathering

24: The Movie

Sinister Six

Anti-Gun Movie


Batman vs Superman Delayed



Despicable Me 3

Casting Call

Doctor Strange

DC Castings

Michael Douglas

Avatar Sequels


Trailer Talk

Almost Human

The Face of Love

A Haunted House 2

Mr Peabody and Sherman

Dom Hemingway

Date and Switch

Walk of Shame

California Scheming

The Quiet Ones

All Hail The King

Easy Money: Hard to Kill

Adult World

Cesar Chavez

Main Attraction:

Oscar Nominations and Top 10 Movies of 2013



Why do you watch movies?



Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. Right when I thought I could go ahead and forget about The Spirit you had to bring it up again. That movie is so awful. Not a fan at all.
    I go to movies for entertainment mostly. I am not opposed to seeing a realistic or dramatic movie. Just have to be in the right mood.

  2. My top 10 is similar to yours, but have a few different choices.
    1. 12 Years a Slave
    2. Blue is the Warmest Color
    3. Her
    4. Short Term 12
    5. Blue Jasmine
    6. Pacific Rim
    7. Gravity
    8. The World’s End
    9. The Wind Rises
    10. Rush
    As you can see I watch movies for a lot of different reasons. Mostly I see a movie in hopes of seeing a good movie. I’m open to anything really.

  3. I am one of those that tends to only watch movies for entertainment. I have enough stress in my life so I don’t need movies to add to it.

  4. My Top 10:

    1. Pacific Rim
    2. Gravity
    3. Captain Phillips
    4. Iron Man 3
    5. The World’s End
    6. Side Effects
    7. The Conjuring
    8. Grabbers (Thanks for recommending that)
    9. Evil Dead
    10. World War Z

    Movies in my mind should be fun. I’m not opposed to serious movies, but life is so stressful as it is why add more unneeded stress.

    1. Evil Dead that high? Was not a fan of that remake. Just a bunch of gross out gags.

      1. I liked Evil Dead, but no were near as good as the original. Well Evil Dead 2 at least.

        1. The Evil Dead remake was too much shock and not enough scares. You’re Next was my favorite horror film of the year.

          1. Just saw You’re Next yesterday. Will talk about it next episode!

  5. I like watching movies…because I like watching movies lol I am in it for the long haul. As long as its good and achieves its goals I am a happy camper.

  6. Very cool top 10 lists. Some surprises. Never heard of The Simple Giant. Also completely missed the Book Thief, All is Lost, and Drinking Buddies. I’ll have to add those to my que. Great podcast guys. I really enjoy the setup you all have.

    1. * The Selfish Giant :)

      Glad you are enjoying the show! Look forward to more feedback/interaction with you

  7. Movie for me could serve a lot of purposes. I love a great fun movie or one that makes me laugh until it hurts. I’m still not opposed to serious drama though. Don’t think you can appreciate a great comedy without seeing great drama from time to time.

  8. If I were to pick one main reason I watch movies its for escape. To see things or experience things I can’t in real life. Sometimes its watching a galaxy far far away, while other times it is watching the horrors of the Holocaust. Movies are too powerful to be used just for one thing. It would be like just listening to dance songs, or just eating candy. You need a well rounded diet.

    1. We pretty much agree on everything here. I watch for the very same reason.

  9. I have some films that appeared on my top 10, but not yours but nothing on yours was all to shocking. The Selfish Giant I never heard of so that’s cool, missed out on Saving Mr. Banks, and still waiting to catch up with Drinking Buddies. My Top 10: 1.Before Midnight, 2. Captain Phillips, 3. Spring Breakers, 4. The Place Beyond the Pines, 5. Don Jon, 6. Blackfish, 7. The Wolf of Wall Street, 8. Her, 9. The Kings of Summer, 10. Frances Ha

    1. Blackfish was in my Top 10 Docs of the year list. I’m a hater on Spring Breakers. Its great too look at and Franco is great. Just felt hallow to me.

  10. I love top 10 episodes. Great work guys. Very fun listen. Can’t agree with the love for Saving Mr. Banks but other than that no qualms.

  11. Great podcast guys. Now I have tons of movies I need to catch up with. I watch movies because well…I like movies. I honestly never thought more about it than that.

  12. No Iron Man 3, Thor, Star Trek, or Man of Steel in the top 10. I’d put some of those in there. Maybe even Fast and Furious. I’m not a fan of uppity award bait. Give me a classic turn your brain off fun any day.

    1. Turn your brain off stuff is fine, but I think movies can be more than that, I guess my question is what do you consider ‘uppity award bait’. Of all the films nominated for best picture this year I can’t think of one that fits that label. Maybe Philomenia.

      1. I agree with Dan here, at times the awards has included what I would consider ‘uppity award films’ but I’m not seeing any this year…???

        The films you listed maybe could be in a top 10 action/blockbuster list but seriously have no purpose in a Top 10 overall listing…

  13. My Top 10:

    1. American Hustle
    2. Before Midnight
    3.The Spectacular Now
    4. Gravity
    5. Captain Phillips
    6. Prisoners
    7. 12 Years a Slave
    8. The World’s End
    9. This is the End
    10. Mud

    1. Not a bad list at all. I’d liked all those movies, but America Hustle I wasn’t as big of a fan as you apparently.

      1. Great films included I agree! From top to bottom. I still am confused as to what everyone is seeing in American Hustle that makes it the Number 1 Film for so many people though

  14. In film school I actually wrote my dissertation on why I choose to watch movies so I could go on for hours. I’ll just say this though. Movies are like any form of art. We should try to cultivate them to their best degree and not settle on what is easy. Blockbusters have their place, as do connect the dot drawings, but if that is all we do we aren’t doing it justice. I hate to live in a world where we don’t have 2001 A Space Odyssey or The Godfather because they cause us to ask questions or think about things in new and exciting ways. A movie like Transformers just gives us new ways of seeing things explode.

    Here’s my top 10 of the year:

    1.12 Years a Slave

    2. Gravity

    3. Dallas Buyers Club

    4. The Great Beauty

    5. Blue is the Warmest Color

    6. Gimme the Loot

    7. Oblivion

    8. Her

    9. Out of the Furnace

    10. Captain Philips

    1. :) I Could easily live in a world without 2001…but I get what you are saying there :)

  15. Right when I thought I was done with checking out Top 10 lists I found this little gem. Nice podcast you all have here and I’m currently going through the backlog. Took many
    forever but I eventually came up with a top 10 list as well. I don’t put them in order though. This Is The end, American Hustle, Blue is the Warmest Color, Spring Breakers, Prisoners, 12 Years a Slave, Upstream Color, Pacific Rim, Crystal Ferry, and The Act of Killing.

  16. My Top 10 of the year: 1. Pacific Rim, 2. This is the End, 3. Drug War, 4. Gravity, 5. Iron Man 3,6. Fast and Furious 6, 7. Olympus has Fallen, 8. Don Jon, 9. Elysium 10. This is the End

  17. Yay Another Top 10 Episode. My Top 10 of the year: 1. Pacific Rim, 2. This is the End, 3. Drug War, 4. Gravity, 5. Iron Man 3,6. Fast and Furious 6, 7. Olympus has Fallen, 8. Don Jon, 9. Elysium 10. This is the End

    I listen to movies for fun first. But I’m not against serious stuff from time to time.

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