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MWIRE Weekly – 1/26/2014 – 2014 Preview


Now that 2013 is nearly a month over we feel its time to look ahead to what the landscape of film looks like in 2014. Kevin and Dan countdown their Top 10 Most Anticipated 2014 films and take a guess at what films they think will rule the box office this year. Will their anticipation be met with resounding glee or unyielding disappointment? Only time will tell. For now we dream of a world where movies deliver what they promise, and where Michael Bay doesn’t destroy the childhoods of 80’s children everywhere in one summer movie season. Brace yourself for what MWIRE Weekly and 2014 has in store.


What We Have Been Watching Recently:

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Short Term 12, In A World…, You’re Next, Robocop, Robocop 2, American Movie, No Country for Old Men, Gentlemen Broncos, Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules, The Hunt

Box Office:


Iron Fist

2 Batsuits

Assassins Creed

Stan Lee

Star Wars and Pixar

Ghost in the Shell

Man on Wire




Terminator in trouble?

Casting Call

Clerks 3


More Pan

Wonder Woman

Star Wars

Mary Jane


Trailer Talk

Most Wanted Man

Beauty and the Beast


Avengers Confidential

Better Living through Chemistry

The Wait

The Bag Man

Blood Ties

Welcome to the Jungle

Main Attraction:

2014 Preview



What 2014 movies are you looking forward to?



Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

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