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MWIRE Weekly – 1/7/2014 – 2013 in Review

mwire-weekly-featuredThis week the guys have a special episode for you as they look back at the year that was in movies. They are joined by a familiar voice to GCRN, one of the co-founders TFG1 Mike! They discuss the box office successes and bombs for the year. What movies did the critics love, what movies did they hate, and were they right? Also they take a look at the news stories that dominated the headlines in 2013.

What We Have Been Watching Recently:

Drinking Buddies, Six Acts, Thor: The Dark World, , Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Lone Survivor, Open Grave, The Kings of Summer,  Planet of the Apes and The Day the Earth Stood Still


Main Attraction:

2013 in Review


What were you biggest surprises/disappointments in 2013?



Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. I was very surprised by 12 Years a Slave. I thought it would be good, but never expected it to be THAT good. Amazing, heart breaking, and great piece of filmmaking.

    A huge disappointment for me was Elysium. I loved District 9. It’s such a fantastic movie. Elysium had moments. Overall though it was kind of dumb. Jodie Foster was awful, pure awful, and the plot was uninspiring. A huge letdown.

    1. I can share some disappointment with Elysium, though I think I liked it better than most. Still not nearly as good as District 9.

  2. Wow, this was interesting. I was a little disappointed you didn’t do your favorite films of the year. Glad you are doing it soon though! I like you both have a lot I still need to catch up on.

    My biggest surprise was The Wolverine. That first film was one of the worst movies I ever saw. The Wolverine was fantastic and the unrated cut is unbelievable. It immediately entered my list of best directors cuts of all time.

    Speaking of directors cuts people tend to say Blade Runner’s The Directors cut is the best version. From what I hear people say The Final Cut goes a little bit too far in spelling things out.

    My biggest disappointment was The Mandarin in Iron Man 3. That character could have been an all time great. They made him into a joke. Still liked the movie, just that REALLY bugged me. Even more than KHHHHHAAAAANNNN! Did in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

    1. Yeah I have my fave films of the year, but I’m only really interested in listing comics, TV, and Soundtracks this year. IM3 and the dual Mandarin’s were interesting, but yeah I agree it was a waste of Kingsley’s talent. So should I watch the theatrical or DC of The Wolverine…..?

        1. I could not believe how much blood was in the directors cut. That thing as badass. Wolverine finally done right!

  3. I’m not understanding Mike’s issue with Thor. You said you didn’t like the plot, but the family really wasn’t about the plot. It was really off to the side compared to the main storyline. The family aspect was much more involved in the last movie.

    I say that because Thor: The Dark World was one of my biggest surprises. The action, acting, and look was so far improved this time around.

    One of my biggest disappointments was Star Trek: Into Darkness. I didn’t forward the scrope of the universe at all, Khan was a huge waste, calling Old Spock was one of the worst scenes of the year. “I shouldn’t tell you anything, but I will anyways”. JJ Abrams just needs to make up his mind. Are these going to be on their own thing or are they going to keep relaying on the original universe for plot points.. He wants to have it both ways.

    1. OK let me clarify…. the whole dynamic between odin and thor with the disapproval of jane foster… then jane foster gets infected with the darkness etc etc… it’s your standard damsel in distress film. With this over arcing threat of looming darkness etc etc. It just wasn’t my thing, but then again I hated the first film too. Thor isn’t interesting to me unless he’s being portrayed as the comedy relief with hulk.

      1. The damsel in distress was really only one small part of the movie, and based on that you also must not like The Dark Knight because that too has damsel in distress moments. If anything it flipped that trope on its head. When you think she’s in distress but she really isn’t.

        1. I guess my point in all of this is neither Thor film screamed awesome superhero movie, because it’s more so mythology films than superheroes. I guess I just don’t care about mythology films lol

          1. Mike just doesn’t like the film…don’t expect any legit reasons for it ;)

          2. quiet you! I gave legit reasons! At least the music was awesome.

  4. My biggest disappointment was The World’s End. Not nearly as good as I was hoping.

    My biggest surprise was Saving Mr. Banks. So much better than I was expecting. Quite the little film.

    1. I loved The World’s End! Don’t understands peoples issue with it. Simon Pegg’s best performance ever.

    2. I would say give The World’s End another watch. I wasn’t too high on it after a first viewing but a second you can see how clever it really is.

  5. My biggest disappointment was Man of Steel. They completely ruined that character. That could have been one of the all time greats. That’s why it didn’t make more money than it did. It didn’t get the return visits it was hoping for. A lot of people saw it once and never went back.

    My biggest surprise was Computer Chess. Randomly caught it on Netflix and thought it was one of the most original movies I have ever seen.

    1. I’ve seen many versions of Superman on film and Tv…. from Chistopher Reeve to Dean Cain, Tim Daly-George Newbern, and sadly that guy who tried to imitate Reeve in 2006. I understand why you are disappointed with MOS, but I looked at it as a fresh NEW take on existing characters and backstory. I loved how the origin was told, because it didn’t feel like I went on a 30 something year journey. As that is how I feel every time watching Superman The Movie’s beginning scenes. It felt like I was getting snapshots of what young Clark was dealing with. I dunno I’ve always liked the flashback storytelling device.

      DC is attempting to start a NEW Universe of films with their characters and they need to make it fresh for audiences today. You are right not a lot of people went back to see Man of Steel, but there were some that did. I’m betting most of them were the die-hard Supes fans though.

      1. Except they aren’t doing anything new. They are just taking the tone of The Dark Knight and trying to apply it to Superman. There’s nothing new about it. It’s completely recycled. That tone does not work with Superman.

        It was clear the people who made the film didn’t understand Superman
        or what made him special. As a Superman fan they took out everything I liked about the character. The charm, the fun, and yes even the corniness. As a movie fan it had a script that gave no room for its characters, a director who forgot he was shooting a movie and not playing a video game, and was full of change for change sake. The
        quintessential moment for me was the death of Pa Kent. In the original it is a quiet moment where Clark learns that even with all his powers he can’t save his family from everything.

        Even he is powerless compared to mortality. Here it’s done with a fing tornado. Everything had to be bigger, more destructive, and a lot dumber. Personally I don’t see Superman as the living embodiment of a Pearl Jam song the way this movie does. I would say he was emo, but emo requires emotion.

        When he wasn’t cosplaying as the 90’s grudge movement he was playing the part of Space Jesus. Yes the Christ-Superman metaphor isn’t new, and even heavy handed on the Donner film, but here it is laughable. Superman slowly floating away from a spaceship in the shape of a crucifix was embarrassing.

        Is there a reason why the last 30 minutes turned into Injustice Gods Among Us? I think another building just fell over. This wanted to be Superman’s Dark Knight, but in the end it was Superman’s Transformers.

        1. Never been a fan of Superman…maybe thats why for me this is the best we’ve gotten from the franchise so far.

          1. I very much went into Man of Steel with an open mind… knowing it would be Dark Knightish…. with Nolan attached, the only preconceived notions I went in with was #1 Cavill HAD to be better than Routh, and #2 MOS had to be better than Superman Returns and it was. I knew they weren’t gonna try and copycat Christopher Reeve’s films, and I loved it for that. I also knew that it wasn’t gonna be what I enjoyed about the TV Series Lois & Clark…. so I as all good there.

            The funny thing is you say you’ve never been a fan of Superman, and honestly outside of Film, V, and Animation I’ve never been a fan of the comics lol strange I know.

          2. I’m not either, and I thought the movie was fine. Nothing special but had moments I enjoyed. Huge step up from Returns for sure.

  6. My biggest surprise was Olympus has Fallen. It looked like a wanna be Die Hard movie and it ended up being better than the actual Die Hard movie,

    Which gets me into my disappointment. A Good Day to Die Hard. What a turd. So bad in everyway. It made me appreciate Live Free or Die Hard

    1. Could not agree more. Olympus has Fallen is the best Die Hard movie since Speed.

  7. Biggest Surprise: Spring Breakers. This movie blew me away. Came out of no where, and got something completely different than I was expecting.

    Disappointment: Don Jon. Thought that movie could be an all time great romantic comedy but the ending left me cold and had a lot of forced meaning.

  8. My biggest disappointment was The Hobbit. It changed so much of the book and the Elf-Dwarf love triangle was just plain stupid.

    My biggest surprise was the Hunger Games. Was not the biggest fan of the first one. The second one was improved in every area.

  9. Biggest Surprise: Gravity

    Biggest Disappointment: Star Trek Into Darkness

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