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MWIRE Weekly – 2/23/2014 – The Lego Movie


MWIRE Weekly is back with a spirited discussion of the highly acclaimed Lego Movie! Kevin and Dan are joined by GCRN Cofounder TFG1 Mike to discuss the merits of the films quality and success. Als0 Kevin and Dan take you around the world of movies including a look at a possible Space Jam sequel and a look at the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. All that more on this week’s MWIRE Weekly!


What We Have Been Watching Recently:

Endless Love, Justice League: War, Philomenia, 12 Years a Slave, Dallas Buyers Club, and Wolf of Wall Street

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Casting Call

Trailer Talk


Frankie & Alice


In the Blood

Guardians of the Galaxy

Main Attraction:

The Lego Movie



Does the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer have you more or less intrigued for the movie?



Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. I’m not grasping Mike’s issue with the Emmet character? Wasn’t the point of the character to try too hard to fit in? To show how even conformity has challenges , which sets up his motivations for the entire movie. If his life was grand and perfect it wouldn’t make sense to take that risk.

    1. My issue with him is that he continues and continues to try too hard until the very end when he learns the wisdom that will help them all… Bottom line is the character in my opinion is too damn annoying. Hell even Venelope in Wreck-It Ralph is annoying, but at least there’s a reason for me as a viewer to care about her. I saw Emmet as a syndrome ripoff… “if every one is super/special… than no one will be”

      The Lego Movie just aint my thing. And as I stated in the ep I will not be seeing the sequel… I simply prefer to waste time with things I enjoy.

      1. There’s much more development than just the very and it gave you tons a reasons to care about the character. Without giving the ending away once you realize where the motivations for that character originate from it gives a huge reason why his success is so important. I hear you don’t like it, I don’t get a good sense of why beyond what you said about not being a fan of Legos. Oh and for the love of god, being on your phone in the theater?!? You should get a scarlet letter for that abomination

        1. the theater was empty. and it was only three posts… the rest of the time I was watching the film. LOL

  2. I feel Emmet is the film goes through an arch he change through from the beginning of the movie and the end of the movie Mike i feel you are too hard on this film this is a good film . I love Batman’s song ” Darkness, No Parents”

    1. the batman stuff is great… its the generic plot and characters I don’t like.

        1. By Generic I mean standard… insert person here to be the hero… and then go on a journey…Seen that plot so many times… hell the lego movie would have been better if it was indy doing the adventuring with the piece of resistance aka holy grail lol

          1. words cannot describe how ridiculous that whole comment is

          2. I honestly think you ‘didn’t get’ most of the movie…

          3. three posts over the first thirty two mins…until batman showed up that was it!

          4. Sorry you lose major points for that unwritten broken rule!!

          5. I have to say as a movie fan and person attempting to make movies taking your phone out at any point for any period of time is a great insult. If you are going to see a movie you should see a movie.

            The first thirty minutes are also very important. That’s when the world is established and sets the tone for the rest of the movie. I had issues with Lego. Didn’t love it as much as some,

          6. For me…The first 30 mins are the most boring and annoying world building I’ve ever seen. the movie was made better when Batman finally showed up! What were your issues with Lego?

          7. In what way was it boring? And how can you say that if you weren’t paying attention and on your phone? If anything it was the most effective part of the movie. The tone was established immediately, it was funny without being too obvious, and sets the stage well for the final act.

            My issue is more so the crazy pacing of it. It just never slowed down and I got fatigued by it by the end. It got better when the twist happened. But in the middle it was too much for me. Like an assault on the eyes with the extreme bright colors and
            nonstop energy. I didn’t have time to take a breath.

          8. so what you are saying about the pacing is that the movie drank about twenty five hour energy drinks lol Legos on Speed!

          9. Basicly. I never took crack but I have seen the Lego movie. I can only assume the experiences are similar. lol.

          10. Do me a favor and name a movie with an ‘amazing plot’. One that is not generic as you call it.

            If you criticize a film solely based on plot structure then you have a lot of movies you need to call generic. You mean you’ve seen the hero’s journey before? Of course you have as its been around since the dawn of story telling. If plot is the best thing about your movie you probably don’t have a good movie. It is how you get there that is important. The characters you create, how effective you are at exploring your themes, your use of social commentary, satirical structure,—these are the things that make up a good movie. If you want to argue over how effective those elements are fine and dandy, but if your only criticism is the plot is not innovative there’s no argument there.

            Arguing over the innovation of a plot is rather pointless, because nearly all narratives follow some sort of set structure. It’s like saying a song isn’t good because it has a chorus.

          11. Couldn’t have said it better myself! What’s the saying you learn in advanced english courses..that there are only truly like 5-6 plots in the history of writing and all other stories are subsets of those set plots. Face it Mike, you just don’t like the movie because you WANTED to not like the movie. You were determined to not like it regardless of what you say and thats proven by your cell phone antics and your complete lack of actual credible reasons for your dislike!

          12. well I NEVER took Advanced-Honors English thank you very much! lol

  3. I was worried about Guardians but the trailer was amazing. Can’t wait for the movie. I’m surprised you guys didn’t talk about the F4 casting. I’m very skeptical it will be good

    1. Since I wasn’t on that part of the ep… I’ll say what I’ve always said… michael chiklis was the best Ben Grim we coulda ever had! And the new film… I will be avoiding at all costs. I have zero interest in a younger cast.

  4. I loved the Guardians Trailer. It was amazing on so so many levels. That thing stopped the internet in its tracks. I loved the Lego Movie. Don’t know if it is better than Frozen overall, I will say I had more fun with Lego.

  5. The Guardians trailer could not be better in my mind. It was tonally in line with what I was hoping. In my to five of most anticipated of the year.

    The Lego to me was a joy to watch. Fast paced, funny, and had heart. For me I would put it ahead if Frozen

  6. I was not too pleased with the Guardians Trailer. I know I’m in the minority here. It looked cheap to me. Sure the graphics were good, Rocket looked impressive, but the smaller characters looked like knock off Dr. Who characters. I’m thinking the big dude who was listening to Star Lord’s Walkman. I was unimpressed with the design of that character

    1. Wow. I’m the
      exact opposite. I thought it hit the nail on the head. The look was fine to me.
      I don’t see the cheapness at all.

      1. I was indifferent towards the trailer. It didn’t give me enough to make up my mind yet. I still want to see some of the other characters and what the story will be about.

  7. The fact that there is more conversation about Guardians of the Galaxy than there is Lego Movie kind of surprises me here …

    1. I had some issues with the Lego movie. Mostly the franetic
      pacing was too much for me at times. At my advanced age I couldn’t keep up.I still liked it though. Was a very fun movie.

    2. I haven’t had to chance to see the Lego Movie yet. I did enjoy your discussion though. It was fun to listen to the different viewpoints. The Guardians trailer looks odd to me. Not sure about that one quite yet.

    3. I really loved the movie. Saw it twice already and would be up for a sequel.

    4. I like the question of where Lego fits in with the recent animated hits. Is it better than Frozen. In many ways yes. I liked the characters more although Frozen has a charm to it that hits that kid bone (sounds bad I know) from my love of classic Disney. At the end of the day I put Frozen as a better movie but Lego movie is more fun.

  8. After watching The Guardians of The Galaxy trailer for the fourth time…I’m unimpressed. I don’t care for the characters. Now on Ultimate Spider-Man they made an interesting appearance. However it looks like a hand me down of the FF. Star lord looks bland…Batistia? Well after Royal Rumble ’14 people have their torches and pitchforks. The rest if the cast and chapters…and playing U got a feeling felt like watching Ally McBeal and the dancing baby. Just will see it, but on DVD….

    1. I think you are way off base. Batista can’t act which is fine because he only needs to be a physical presence which he can do. Who cares what WE fans think. They like . WWE so their tastes are questionable anyways. Also the song is supposed to be absurd. That’s the point. To recognize the absurdity and not shy away but celebrate it. Unlike those movies that take themselves too seriousl. Finally we have a movie that will be taking us to a far out world of the fantastic rather then trying to take the fantastical water it down and present it like a morphed version of the reality will already live in.

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