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MWIRE Weekly – 3/2/2014 – The Oscars

It is the special night where movies take central stage so it is fitting that Kevin and Dan bring along some special guests to discuss the infamous Oscars. DJ and Matt from join Kevin and Dan discuss the Academy Awards–the winners, the losers, and if the show made good use of its four hour run time. They also take a look at some recent news including the latest casting of Star Wars Episode 7. Get ready for a podcast episode truly worthy of a Best Performance nomination!


Box Office:


Sony wants to release a Spider-Man film every year:

Masters of the Universe has a short list of Directors:

David Fincher in talks to direct Steve Jobs Biopic:

Adam Driver cast in Star Wars to possibly play villain:

Dreamworks Planning another Shrek Movie:

Vincent Donofrio signs on as Bad Guy Jurassic World:

Main Attraction:

The Oscars



What were your thoughts on The Oscars?

What is your favorite Harold Ramis movie?



Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

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