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MWIRE Weekly – 3/2/2014 – The Oscars

It is the special night where movies take central stage so it is fitting that Kevin and Dan bring along some special guests to discuss the infamous Oscars. DJ and Matt from join Kevin and Dan discuss the Academy Awards–the winners, the losers, and if the show made good use of its four hour run time. They also take a look at some recent news including the latest casting of Star Wars Episode 7. Get ready for a podcast episode truly worthy of a Best Performance nomination!


Box Office:


Sony wants to release a Spider-Man film every year:

Masters of the Universe has a short list of Directors:

David Fincher in talks to direct Steve Jobs Biopic:

Adam Driver cast in Star Wars to possibly play villain:

Dreamworks Planning another Shrek Movie:

Vincent Donofrio signs on as Bad Guy Jurassic World:

Main Attraction:

The Oscars



What were your thoughts on The Oscars?

What is your favorite Harold Ramis movie?



Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. For me the Oscars almost feel like the WWE. It’s almost as they’ll just make an category and give an award to anyone. Don’t get me wrong, 12 Years a Slave was a masterpiece. Gravity the same. However why 10 best picture noms? No matter how you rational, justify or explain it to me…On one hand I understand the history…on the other hand is it really necessary? It does help me to add movies to my Netflix queue. I do want to check out Nebraska. However I feel that the best animated category should go away. It either goes to Pixar unless the film is really not that worthy. Cars 2, Monsters University, Brave I’m looking at you. Seriously Despicable me 2, The Croods? They really deserved an best Oscar nomination? I’m sorry to each his/her own…but come on. Maybe it is because Up was placed in both the best picture and best animated category for the 2009 Oscars. Again I understand why the animated category was created…however the reason why…and what has been getting nominations for me are two separate arguments. If there is a best picture category at this point than Frozen should be placed there. I just feel that everyone knows it’s going to get the award. The competition aspect for me has been defeated. T

    1. I have to say I really strongly disagree with you on both points. – Back in the 60s and 70s there was a fraction of the number of movies released in any single year compared to modern times. The increase to 10 made perfect sense to me and although at times they get some of their choices wrong for the most part, especially this year, they didn’t have a picture in the group that was ‘undeserving. Also, I would be very angry if they ever got rid of the animated feature category. If anything they should ADD another couple of categories for voice over work during the year NOT take more attention away from that medium. In any given year there are 10-15 animated films and nominated the best 5 makes perfect sense. And you make want to check your memory on the winners there. Yes there have been some well deserving films from Pixar and Disney that have won…they should have won though, and there also have been films like Happy Feet, Rango, Wallace & Gromit, Spirited Away, and Shrek have also won the award. That’s 5 out of the 13 best oscars going to non disney/pixar films…

      1. I didn’t think Brave deserved to win the v year it came out. I would have given it to Wreck it Ralph. I think the category is a good idea but there have been years where undeserving films have been nominated like this year.

        1. any one person could say that about any one category any year though so….

      2. I agree with you Kevin. I like having more than 5 nominees. It better represents the year as a whole. And I like that animation gets its own category.

    2. I compare the Oscars more to politics than the WWE. The campaigns are often what makes something win and not the actual quality of the movie

    3. I actually like that they went to 10 picture noms, well or the format now where it can be anything from 5-10. Its allowed smaller films that would have otherwise been unnoticed by most to get some attention. Something like Beasts of the Southern Wild last year, Winter’s Bone which helped launch Jennifer Lawerence’s career, and even Nebraska this year. They opened it up in hopes of getting more general films after Dark Knight didn’t get a nom in 2008 but in reality its not the bigger films that are getting more attention but the smaller ones. i prefer it that way. Have there been movies that got nominations that didn’t deserve them. Yes, but that was the case when it was only 5.

  2. Man I laughed super hard listening to this. Such a fun episode. I take the Oscars with a grain of salt but I still enjoy them and root for my favorites to win. This year I was happy with the outcomes for the most part. 12 Years deserved the win.

    My favorite Ramis movie is Stripes. Such a underrated classic.

    1. It’s a toss between Stripes and Caddyshack. However, I’d have to say Stripes FTW on this one. John Candy, John L. Harold Ramis, BILL. One of the greatest 80’s films ever. Have it on Blu Ray probably watch it this weekend.

      1. Yes so many choices. I think I’d go with Animal House as it’s the best college comedy of all time

        1. Agreed. Animal House is up there for me too. But my number one is Ghost Busters. Impossible film to beat.

      2. Stripes and Caddy shack are up there for me too. Ghost Busters is the very top though

  3. I take the Oscars with a grain of salt. The only thing I care about is winning my Oscar pool.

    My favorite Ramis movie is easily Ghost Busters. So many funny moments and a genius concept.

  4. I thought you guys were too harsh on Ellen. I like how she didn’t take things overly serious and would ad lib in spots. Maybe jokes went for too long but she at least went for it

    1. I’m sure some people enjoyed it. We just found most of the jokes went on for too long and often got in the way.

  5. It is easy to hate on the Oscars but I honestly enjoy them. Barely agree with them still like seeing who wins. This year non of the choices surprised me but I agree with Kevin that McQueen should have won best director.

  6. I felt ellen was play it too safe and was out of her element and she beat the social media and pizza joke to death

  7. The Oscars? Blah…Rich white old people awarding other rich people. Harold Ramis on the other hand. Genius. I did love Bill Murray’s nod to Ramis at the Oscars. Ramis’s Best movie in my option is Ghost Busters. Best comedy ever. Period. End of story.

  8. I unabashedly enjoy the Oscars. Are they right all the time? Of course not, but what Awards are. The one choice this year that bugged me mwas Act of Killing loosing and I was hoping American Hustle would win something. Maybe best adapted screenplay.

  9. The heroes montage confused me because you had batman,superman and then there was Kevin Bacon then I was think where is this going

    1. Perhaps. I’m not a huge Jim Carrey fan. He’s never really been funny. Even his awful Ace Ventura movies, which are just dumb humor aimed at the lowest possible denominator. The only time I found him funny was son In Living Color.

        1. Perhaps I was too harsh cause I do enjoy Dumb and Dumber. I did forget that, As a kid the Ace Ventura were great as an adult they don’t hold up. I prefer Him in movies like Truman Show or Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.

  10. For me Ace Venture and Nature Calls are dumb but harmless. Dumb and Dumber was a sweet surprise. The mask is untouchable, Eternal Sunshine was a masterpiece. The Majestic I haven’t seen yet. Batman Forever it was Ace in a Riddler Outfit. Kick Ass 2 I wish he wasn’t killed off. Man on the Moon was a love letter to Andy Kaufman. When Jim tones himself down he works well. Let’s not forget Truman show. I’m 80-20 on Jim, I could see him hosting the Oscars or even the Tony’s or the Golden Globes. He’d be rather entertaining.

  11. Speaking of Oscars and Noms. I watched Gravity, and I have to say…not the greatest story…however I got the point of it. I’d spoil it…however if you haven’t seen it, I’ll podcast it, or post on my facebook. However my mother thought it sucked. Me Sandra was possibly the strongest she ever was. Much better than the Heat or Miss Contingently 1 or 2.

  12. If you want me to spoil Gravity on here…speak now…or I’ll spoil it elsewhere. I do want to discuss this one. Rather pleasant surprise from Sandra.

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