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MWIRE Weekly – 5/05/2014 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Today on MWIRE we’ll be discussing ….. the future of Wolverine, how daredevil fits into the marvel universe, the big star wars casting announcement and our main attraction, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – all that and more coming up on MWIRE Weekly

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Which character are you hoping will be the 6th member of the Sinister Six?


Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson @OptimusSolo

Nathan Crocker @AdolfoShabbaDoo

Matt Fridley @FridleyCent



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Kevin "OptimusSolo"

OptimusSolo is a Cartoon Historian and even has an actual History degree to go with it. He's also an avid Toy collector boasting an over 1,000 piece Star Wars collection and nearly 400 Transformer toys. He is one of the hosts of the Powers of Grayskull series. He also has a passion for cartoon Theme Songs, Star Trek, MacGyver, Baseball, and is a major Movie Geek!


  1. “he’s got modern nerd all over him” ….. that must be messy.

    “the rhino looks like he’s in a mech suit” Spider-Man is part of Pacific Rim!!! bwa hahahahahahahahaha

  2. I don’t really care who they get for the Sinister Six to be honest with you. Every villain for the Amazing series has been awful so far. They have been the worst parts of the movies. The look of Rhino is embarrassing honestly. I hope they change it for the future, or just stop this reboot franchise because I have not liked either movie.

    1. why is it we always disagree? LOL I actually like this franchise. It’s refreshing to have a NEW actor as Spider-Man, because after the 2nd raimi film I was done with Maguire, and we are getting villains that aren’t just rehashed from the first film franchise. I understand why you don’t like it. But at least we are getting awesome effects and a new story.

      I always loved the Parker parents storyline, and seeing them embrace it here is nice.

      1. I agree Garfield is a good Spider-Man. He’s a good actor so that’s not a surprise. I don’t agree there is anything fresh about this franchise. The first movie was just a retelling of the origin done poorly. The second movie is the Green Goblin story done again, and again not done as well. Yea Spider-Man 3 was awful. I still watch it over this new franchise. At least its failures are interesting to watch in a so bad its good kind of way.

        1. OK yes ASM1 was retelling the origin, but it was Fresh seeing the actual lizard on screen… we only got teased with that in SM2.

          in ASM2 Harry is the secondary villain… Electro is the main….. and Rhino is a setup…. so I find it refreshing that they are actually using Electro in the film. And at least this Electro isn’t a green and yellow spandexed villain lol

  3. Mysterio would be the best villain to bring on IMO. He’d be something different and a
    change of pace for the franchise. Not to mention he is just a cool villain

    1. nnnooooooooooooooooo it’s always so predicable when they use him in anything lol

      Maybe it’d be cool if they make good use of the holocubes lol

      1. That’s not true. His entire character is designed to subvert expectations by keeping the lines between fantasy and reality impossible to distinguish.

        1. I guess I’m just still jaded that he was the villain at the end of kevin smith’s daredevil story… that was lame as hell lol

  4. I found Amazing Spiderman 2 to be quite the snoozefest, and emotionally unengaging. I thought Foxx and DeHaan were good despite their characters being under written and erratically written (like the movie) as was Garfield. I’m sure Emma Stone would’ve been better too (she was still good) if she’d been given something to work with.

    1. if she’d been given something to work with??? are you kidding right now?

      1. No. I’m not kidding you. How bout you give her something that’s not only in service of the plot or to set up the fact that she is going to die. Not to mention the last scene which was bogus. “I’m the only one who knows how to flip a switch”. If you think that’s good screen writing good for you I guess.

        1. why do you want deaths in film set up…? I was completely surprised that she was killed. I knew she dies in the comics, but I thought that they might keep her around for one more film. But it was perfectly fine for me that it wasn’t predetermined that she’d die. But when she did… WOW no one comes back from a body bounce like that.

          1. Foreshadowing if fine with done right. This was not done right at all. Let’s start with the dead father, then add in her giving a graduation speech about DEATH, then have her saying lines like “This is my choice”, which is just there to shy away blame from Spider-Man. Unless you are dense you know the ending is inevitable. This is one of the worst scripts in a Hollywood blockbuster in years. It was made for 12 year olds. Well no, 8 year olds.

          2. that’s beyond an exaggeration… If you want to debate actual points in the film and have a discussion on its flaws and its high points that’s fine, but to throw out ludicrous statements like ‘worst script in years’ then clearly your not actually interested in a real discussion about the inner workings of the film…

    2. yeah what the heck are you talking about” if she had been given something to work with” ??? This film advanced the relationship between peter and Gwen, sure there were moments of will they be together or won’t they. But because SHE KNOWS THE EFFIN’ secret it’s so much more enjoyable (for me) to watch the conflict. Versus the fact that in the Raimi films MJ barely knew in the first one. And when she did know in the other two… THAT was forced between her and Peter!

  5. I enjoyed ASM2 for what it was. Would not put it near the top of comic book movies by any means or even the best Spider-Man movies. It was fun, little goofy, overall a good time. I hope next movie they take a step back from the Sinister Six and do someone like Kraven the Hunter. In my book he is Spider-Man’s most interesting foil.

    The person I’d like to see added to Sinister Six in the future, though it could be redundant with Electro, is Shocker. He is a hard character to screw up and his personality works well with Spider-Man’s banter.

    1. OK let me ask you this WHERE among the Spidey films would you rank ASM2? For me here’s my order Best to Worst:

      Spidey 2 (Ock as the villain, slightly more heartwarming story than other Spidey films)
      Spidey 1 (Fake ass Green Goblin mask)
      ASM 2 (it’s more fun than the origin retelling, and SM3)
      ASM 1 (interesting take on retelling the origin, and nice to see the lizard actually on screen, but overall unneeded)
      SM3 (ack emo peter! But the Symbiote liquid looked cool!)

      1. Actually my order would be the exact same as you. I did not hate Spider-Man 3 as much as everyone else. But it is clearly the worst of the bunch.

        1. I’m right there with ya… I think it was poor casting with having eric foreman as brock, but other than that and the weird way venom looked I enjoyed SM3, but I enjoy the others more.

          With the ASM films I’m excited to see where they go. The first one was a nice twisted retelling, and the second shows us electro which was very cool. And has light setup for whatever the third film will be.

          1. I stick with the order I said on the show
            ASM 2
            SM 1

  6. I was happy enough if Amazing Spider-Man 2. I too had super low expectations In the end I walked away mostly satisfied. Curious where they go next. I have a strong suspicion that Norman Osborn is not dead. We didn’t see a dead body so until we do I’m not buying it. Watch him come back as the Hobgoblin or something..

  7. who i see being in the sinister six in Amazing spider-man movie universe goblin 2. Kraven the Hunter 3.Vulture 4.Mysterio 5.Rino 6. Electro

    1. They already showed a number of them in this last film so you are going to have to take out Mysterio or Kraven since Doc Ock will be in there

  8. I am disappointed with The Rhino, he’s MECHANICAL…I was hoping for a guy in a Rhino Suit…this is absolute garbage. Granted I am a fan of Paul Gimannitti. I was hoping he’d be Scropion for various reasons. Oh we’ll….

    1. I love that he’s mechanical! anything’s better than a a cheap gray suit and a crappy mask like the goblin had in SM1

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