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MWIRE Weekly – 5/12/2014 – Favorite Movie Super-Villains


Today on MWIRE  we’ll be discussing ….. Star wars rumors galore, a possible answer to the final member of the Sinister Six, future x-men plans and our main attraction, Our Top 10 favorite movie supervillains – all that and more coming up on MWIRE Weekly

Box Office:


Another Marvel TV Show

Flintstones Movie

Go Go Power Rangers

Star Wars rumors

And more rumors

Warcraft Delayed

Sinister Six

X-Men Rumors


Prometheus 2

Lethal Weapon Reboot

Toxic Avenger

Spring Breakers Sequel

Hulk Movie

Beverly Hills Cop 4

Casting Call

Transformer Voices

Dr. Storm

Point Break

Trailer Talk



Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Good People

And So it Goes

New trailers for

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

A Million Ways to Die in the West

22 Jump Street




What are/is your favorite movie super-villain(s)?



Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson @OptimusSolo

Nathan Crocker @AdolfoShabbaDoo

Matt Fridley @FridleyCent

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Kevin "OptimusSolo"

OptimusSolo is a Cartoon Historian and even has an actual History degree to go with it. He's also an avid Toy collector boasting an over 1,000 piece Star Wars collection and nearly 400 Transformer toys. He is one of the hosts of the Powers of Grayskull series. He also has a passion for cartoon Theme Songs, Star Trek, MacGyver, Baseball, and is a major Movie Geek!


  1. It may be cliche but there is not a super villain performance that holds a candle to Heath Ledger as The Joker. His performance is legendary no doubt. He does so much with that role and brings the character alive. He set the bar that no one has come close to yet.

    1. the one thing I would have LOVED to see would be jack’s joker and heath’s joker together teaming up!

  2. Wow I didn’t think there was anyone else who like The Spirit as much as I did. Seems like everyone hates that movie. My favorite super villains performances are Nick Stahl as Yellow Bastard in Sin City, Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin. I just think he is fun in that role and one of the best things about the movie. Kevin Bacon in X-Men. He reminds me of a old school Bond villain.

    1. I wan to like The Spirit but I just can’t. It is going for something but doesn’t quite get there.

      1. I thought that movie looked awful. The shadowing effect was inconsistent for what I can remember

  3. Kneel before Zod! Need I say more. Terrance Stamp was soooo good as Zod. He could have the theatricality without being too over the top.

    1. Zod is my personal favorite as well. Terrance Stamp is great. He owns every moment he is on screen.

  4. My personal Top 10: 1. Heath Ledger as Joker. 2. Ian Mckellen as Magneto 3. Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, 4. Jack as the Joker, 5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian, 6. Gene Hackman as Lex Luther, 7. Terrance Stamp as Zod, 8. Tom Hiddleston as Loki, 9. Tom Hardy as Bane, 10. William Dafoe Spider-man

  5. My Top 5 are Fassbenders Magneto, Ledgers Joker, Aaron Eckert as Two Face, Alfred Molina as Doc Oct, and Ian McKellen as Magneto

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