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MWIRE Weekly – 6/24/2014 – Catching Up with Maleficent

Today on MWIRE Weekly we’ll be discussing …..well, about a million movie related things that have happened since the last time you heard from us so ….. – all that and more coming up on MWIRE Weekly

Box Office:



Star Wars Spinoff

Ant Man and Ant Man Villain

Marvel One Shot News



Lex Luthor

Dr. Strange



X-Men Apocalypse

Sonic the Hedgehog


MI 5

Snow White and the Huntsman

Beauty and the Beast

How many How to Train Your Dragons

Pacific Rim 2


Sharknado 2



Resident Evil

Casting Call

Splinter Cell

Dr. Strange and more

Star Wars

Paddington Bear




Trailer Talk

My Man is a Loser

School Dance

Very Good Girls

The Best of Me

Are You Here

If I Stay

The November Man

Leprechaun: Origins



Ivory Tower

Dumb and Dumber To

Sin City

The Interview




No Good Deed

The Equalizer

The Liberator

The Two Faces of January

Dear White People



About Alex

The Good Lie

Sex Tape

The Wedding Ringer

The Judge


Love is Strange


Hector and the Search for Happiness

Penguins of Madagascar


The Giver

Expendables 3

Guardians of the Galaxy



What have been your favorite films or movie moments from the first half of 2014?



Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson @OptimusSolo

Nathan Crocker @AdolfoShabbaDoo

Matt Fridley @FridleyCent

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Kevin "OptimusSolo"

OptimusSolo is a Cartoon Historian and even has an actual History degree to go with it. He's also an avid Toy collector boasting an over 1,000 piece Star Wars collection and nearly 400 Transformer toys. He is one of the hosts of the Powers of Grayskull series. He also has a passion for cartoon Theme Songs, Star Trek, MacGyver, Baseball, and is a major Movie Geek!


  1. Just so you guys know Jesse Eisenberg and Henry Cavill are actually the same age. Cavill’s Hulk like body may make he seem a little older than Eisenberg though lol.

    My favorite movie of the year is Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood. I got a chance to see Boyhood and it did not disappoint. Such a heartwarming the impacting story.

    1. Yea, sometimes in movies its much more about how old you ‘look’ over how old you actually are

      1. True, but a lot of times Eisbenberg looks younger than he is because of the role. In Night Movies he looks his age and is really good honestly. That’s a movie that is on the top of me for the year.

        The biggest one I’m still look forward to might be Fury now after I just saw the trailer.

  2. I’m surprised with all the news you talked about you didn’t mention Rian Johnson set to direct Star Wars Episode 8 and 9. That has me super pumped and honestly the best news I have heard about Star Wars relaunch yet. Such a good choice.

    1. Actually you nailed it on the head there and answered your own question ;) – With as much news as we were covering it would have been nearly impossible to remember to include every news story ;) – What makes you so excited about Rian Johnson….Looper? – Just curious what about him makes him such a great choice in your mind? I’m not disagreeing or saying he is bad in any way, just interested to see why you have that much enthusiasm for him.

      1. Not just Looper but Brick, Brothers Broom, and he directed some of the best episodes of Breaking Bad. He’s been on the Slashfilm podcast a bunch and he’s a guy that just gets characters and science fiction.

  3. My favorite film of the year is The Lego Movie so far. It was such a joy to watch. If you can’t watch it and smile I feel bad for you.

    1. then feel bad for me! that might be my number 1 worst film of the year LOL

        1. you that’s me! I get why the lego movie was made… it’s for kids and parents. For me Batman and Bruce Wayne were the best parts the rest I just didn’t care for and then the father who has a stick up his ass at the end… ugh. I’ll set aside my dislike for will Farrell films, but that guy was a huge douchebag in the lego movie…..also I can’t decide what is worse… let it go or everything is awesome.

          1. are you seriously trying to say bad things about “Let it Go”?????!!!!!!!!!

  4. My favorite movie of the year so far is Captain America. The one I’m looking forward to the most is Interstellar.

  5. Regarding the elephant in the room with Maleficent. The worst mistake you can make with a movie is limiting the point of view to what the writer intended. Firstly the writer is only one person in a rather massive process. You also have what the director intended, the Editor, the cinematographer, the composer, and even the actress portraying the character intended.

    Not to mention intention is not the deciding factor nor should it be. That’s a big reason why director’s like the Coen’s and Kubrick never reveal their absolute intentions. They realize ambiguity is more often a good thing.

    Based on this podcast it feels like you are saying, I didn’t see it this way so it is then not this way. May be my MISinterpation, but that seems rather odd to take ownership of something means. Not to mention when there is past evidence to support someone’s claim. One of the earliest interpretations of the Sleep Beauty story written by Giambattista Basile’s did in fact deal with sexual assault regarding the character.Its not a leap to see a correlation.

    Yes you can make any interruptions of what occurs in a movie? Isn’t that the point? As long as you can back it up with credible reasoning. If all a movie is face value chances are it’s not a good movie, and only reviewing a movie based on face value is also dull criticism.

    To dismiss a take on a movie just because you didn’t take it that way or toss aside as just another example of someone seeing what they want is rather a brash stance to take.

    1. I apologize for our ‘dull criticism’ :(

      I do however believe Matt was referring to an actual interview or story he read straight from one of the creative members behind this film but I would have to re-listen or ask him to clarify to be sure.

      I do believe you are missing what we were trying to say and over-generalizing a bit. I am not saying it is bad to interpret things in a way that deems appropriate or meaningful to you or your situation. I was more commenting on the occasional times where society really stretches for a specific meaning when to me that is clearly not what was intended. Way more so with Frozen/Lesbian analogy then anything you suggested with Maleficent.

      1. Wait I never called your criticism dull, as you all were discussing the finer points of the movie. The entire reason I responded was because of the great discussion you guys were having about the meaning of the movie. Perhaps you yourself need to watch for misinterpretations and over generalizations. (Like when it comes to movies like 2001) :)

        Regarding you guys spent a good 5-10 minutes saying how I was wrong, which was GREAT mind you. And yes you did mention Frozen but YOU also indicated how you didn’t feel the intent was there so I was reading things into that weren’t meant to be there. I wasn’t just pointing to what Matt said as he also indicated basically what I was saying that once you create/write something its open for interpretation. So I’m not really sure where my over generalization and misinterpretation are.

        1. Ok, I’m with you now I believe. I believe we were both somewhat misunderstanding what the other was trying to convey or perhaps we were both doing a sub-par job of trying to convey our points in the first place. I agree with most if not all of what you said there in that last post :)

          1. You guys do realize Angelina Jolie has said in multiple interviews
            that she took the scene of her loosing her wings in this movie as her being sexually violated and played it that way. I thought that was common knowledge by this point.

          2. I don’t know how anything Angelina Jolie says is considered common knowledge.

          3. plus we were talking about the writer/director not the actor

  6. My favorite films of the year so far are The Raid 2, Lego Movie, Grand Budapest, and a movie I just saw last night The Rover. The dude from Twilight can actually act. The ones I’m still looking forward to are Gone Girl, Interstellar, Foxcatcher, and Woody Allens new movie.

    1. I want to see The Rover but I can’t find it anywhere near me. Will have to catch it when it hits baby blu.

  7. I am most looking forward to the new Hunger Games movie, Interstellar, Big Hero Six looks great and of course Guardians of the Galaxy. My favorite film so far is probably Winter Soldier. Haven’t put much thought into it though

  8. My favorite film of the year so far is between Cap 2, X-Men DOFP, and I also really enjoyed Sabotage. I know I’m the only one. The ones I’m most looking forward to are Interstellar, The Final Hobbit Movie, Hunger Games, Fury, and Dumb and Dumber To

  9. I forgot to mention some of my favorite films of the year so far like, X-Men DOFP, and I also really enjoyed Sabotage. I know I’m the only one. The ones I’m most looking forward to besides Interstellar are FoxCatcher, The Final Hobbit Movie, Hunger Games, Fury, and Dumb and Dumber To

    1. I thought that’s what this week’s would be. If they don’t… there’ll be ATTF Ep 42 coming in a few weeks about the entire Bayverse

      1. Matt has never seen any of the Transformers movie and Nate has little interest in this one. When I talked about it in this episode during the main attraction, that will basically be all for Weekly. ATTF will go more in depth. Dan and I have let our opinions of the film be known though!! lol

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