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MWIRE Weekly – Pilot

You fans have asked for it…and now you have got it! Introducing MWIRE Weekly! In this new addition to the MWIRE family we discuss what we have been watching, movie news, and a look forward to what is coming up next week.

What Have We Been Watching:

Rush, The Butler, Prisoners, and Don Jon

Movie News:

A live action Curella De Vil movies in the works

New Chronicles of Narnia movies in the works

Godzilla trailer leaked

Box Office Report

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count /ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
21Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2Sony$20,950,192-38.4%4,001$5,236$60,006,918$782
3NRunner RunnerFox$7,706,7123,026$2,547$7,706,712$301
53Rush (2013)Uni.$4,477,525-55.3%2,308+11$1,940$18,163,844$383


Main Attraction:

Discussion of Gravity

Coming Attractions:

New to Theaters October 11th 2013:

Machete Kills

Captain Phillips

Escape from Tomorrowland

Zero Charisma

Romeo and Juliet

Blu/DVD releases for October 8th 2013

The Hangover Part III

Much Ado About Nothing



Do you buy food a movie theater concession stands or do you sneak it in, and what are your go to movie snacks?




Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Mike “Boothninja” Powers

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Just started listening, but I must say right away I am really loving it! Will you be doing more? I really hope so. At first I thought you were reviewing the movie Pilot, if that exists. I’ll post more when I finish.

    1. Steve and TFG1Mike were gracious enough to give us (myself, Dan and Kevin) their blessing and MWIRE Weekly has been green lit for a weekly show. You’ll be able to look forward to it every Monday or Tuesday:)

      And don’t worry, the classic more in depth look at movies will continue for MWIRE as well:)

      1. Great. I just finished the episode and I really loved the format. I don’t bring snacks into movies all that often. If anything I’ll buy a drink here or there.

        I enjoyed Gravity even more than all of you. I would have given a perfect, and I doubt another movie will come out that is better this year. I think, Dan, mentioned this fall is supposed to be great is that true? I haven’t heard much about the movies coming out. I know of a few, but nothing seemed all that interesting.

        I really hated The Butler. It was so fake and nothing more than a TV movie IMO. But if you like it more power to you I guess.

        1. I really really enjoyed Gravity, especially on my second viewing, I’m just hesitant to give anything a perfect:)

        2. There is quite a good amount of movies coming out this fall. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk about a good amount of them. I think the second half of this year will surprise some people.

          1. Well that’s good to hear. The first half was okay for the most part. Some things stood out amongst a lot of the garbage. If what you are saying is true I will be happy.

        1. We will. I believe the main attraction is Captain Phillips. I may try to catch Matchet Kills as well.

          1. Nice. I know I’ll be checking out Captain Phillips. Don’t know about Machete Kills. Was not a huge fan of the first one.

      2. Nice. That’s really god to hear. Can’t wait for me. I love movie talk.

  2. So this is what you all were talking about when you said MWIRE might be changing a little. Must say I’m liking where its is going.

    I thought Rush was a slog of a movie. Yea it sounded great, but I find it boring and uninteresting. I see what you are all saying about Prisoners being straightforward. I loved that about it. It came off as real—but not too real.

    Do we really need another Narnia movie or live action disney cartoons? Have they ever worked. Disney reminds me of Nintendo in how they can’t come up with new ideas and just keep trying to reuse the old ones

    Now Godizilla on the other hand looks awesome. I’m with all you on not watching the old ones, but with todays tech that movie could rock. I haven’t seen Gravity yet, but will shortly,especially after hearing your review.

    I buy snacks at the theater because I get too paranoid if I try to sneak things I’m. I’m all for the classic Coke and popcorn.

    1. After the hype of the 98 Godzilla its is a wait and see for me. I love the Narnia movie. well at least the first one, and the final book could be awesome if done right.

      1. You can’t let the 98 Godzilla ruin Godzilla for you. Actually kind of enjoy that movie as a guilty pleasure.

        1. I remember as a kid enjoying that movie as well. I even watched the Saturday morning cartoon. I caught the movie the other day and it does not hold up.

    2. Thank you! I agree with the Narnia garbage. Sure the 1st one was ok for a family movie but the others were pieces of crap. Not just crap, but dried crap that has been lingering for weeks on end.

      1. Well I don’t think they are that bad lol. But I see what you are saying.

  3. Snacks at a theater are too damn expensive. I NEVER bring drinks either, because it makes me wanna get up in the middle of the movie. I hate that! The theater I go to has never said anything to me when I’ve had my backpack. If I bring skittles-starburst whatever, they are in that… And if I asked I tell them it’s just my wallet and keys etc. They never ask so I have no issue.

    The last time I bought anything at the concession stand was GoldenEye in 1995. Although there is one theater in my area the offers movie and a meal…. you buy a ticket to the film, and have dinner afterwards. That’s kinda nice.

    1. The full dinner thing is an interesting idea. I just worry it would be distracting if I’m trying to watch a movie.

      1. no no…… they have 2 options at this theater….

        #1 Dinner and a Movie – You EAT Before you enter the film

        #2 REal Food while watching Film – Burgers, Pizza, Chicken… etc…. while you watch the film.

        I prefer Option 1. Thus it won’t distract as you said

        1. Some theaters do the full meal while you eat as well. Most of the special movie theaters like the Alamo Drafthouses and other fancy places.

  4. Man with all this talk about Gravity it makes me want to see it more and more. I was one of those people who thought it would be nothing more than Sandra Bullock screaming in space for 90 minutes. Glad to hear its not that.

    My snack food of choice, which I sneak in, is chewy sprees. They provide a sweet sugar rush not much else can match. I also a fan of Junior mints. They work as candy and breath mints. Perfect date snack if you ask me.

    The one movie you talked about I saw was Don Jon, and man I might be alone but it was one of the best comedies of the year for me. I can’t think of the last time I related to a movie so much. That might be too much information.

  5. I was so hyped for Gravity.I watched the trailer at least thirty times. I don’t think since The Avengers have I wanted to see a movie so badly, and it did NOT disappoint. It was almost a religious experience. Never have I been so taken back by a movie.

    I 100% agree about the sound design. Hearing in iMax was amazing. It wasn’t hugely loudy but just clever in how it was used.

    I tend not to eat snacks at the movies, if I do I go for the nachos. That horrible fake cheese is delicious.

    1. I am a fan of that nacho cheese as well, but I tend to only get nachos at baseball games. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. @#$#$ yes! Love this new format. Keep it coming for sure! I can’t believe they are making live action disney movies now. That is such a dumb idea. Remember that horrible run they had in the 90’s with 101 Dalmatians and The Jungle Book. Can we stop with the remakes and do something new for a change.

    I can’t go to the movies without a soda. I change it up by my usual go to is Diet coke. I have snuck it in from time to time but not anymore. On a random occasion, or if I’m really hungry I might by some popcorn, but I find myself picking it out of my teeth for hours. Once was starving and got some chicken tenders, and $15 and 15 minuts later I was left with burnt to a crisp tenders that were maybe made out of chicken, or maybe some sort of rat like creature.

  7. I can’t find the Godzilla trailer anywhere that actually works. Don’t get why they took it down all over the place. Seems rather stupid.

    I pig out when I go to the movies. I’m all about the combos of sodas, popcorn, candy, and whatever else they may have. I make it an event to behold for sure. I don’t go often, when I do I make my presence known.

    Also I’m a Danny Trejo fan and not afraid to admit it. That dude is hella hilarious and a super baddass.

    1. Try googling Fat Man trailer. It may still be up over there. It was as of Sunday when we recorded.

      1. Thanks Man! That worked for me. Man this thing looks epic as hell. Maybe we will get a crossover with this and Pacific Rim. A boy can dream can’t he. Yes a boy can dream.

        1. It’s gone now. They’ve killed all references to Fat Man Trailer and the Actual one on YouTube. Why they care if people see a trailer I’ll never know. BUT…Go to the forums and I will have something for the listeners there that missed it :D

        2. You can dream. There has been talk of a Pacific Rim/Godzilla cross over though. When Pacific Rim was first announced it was rumored to be a new Godzilla movie before they actually announced a Godzilla movie:)

  8. Well I got to add another podcast to my list. lmao. What a good issue to have.Hope this keeps up cause I’ll all for another movie podcast to listen to.

    Will you all be discussing any horror movies this month? I don’t know if any will be hitting theaters but I can’t get enough of horror movie talk this time of year.

    I sneak my food in James Bond style of course. No way I’m paying 7 bucks for a freaking soda. I might grab a popcorn here or there mostly if they have those taste station were you can add different flavors to your popcorn. Those things are fantastic.

  9. Will you be releasing the section that you cut out in your gravity review as a separate segment or anything? I would like to hear what you had to same about some of the more specific parts of the movie.

    1. It’s something we can consider in the future but for right now we don’t have plans like that. The recording is safe though:)

  10. Am I the only one who thinks Gravity is super overrated? I get on a visual level it is amazing but that script left me high and dry. If this had lower profile actors and Michael Bay’s name as director I don’t see people loving it like they do. Easily the most overrated move of the year for me by far.

    1. I see the script criticism a lot with this, and I’m not sure exactly where that is coming from. I would be interested in here what more you would like script to provide? Is it simply that the concept is limited to this time frame, or that we don’t get much back story? I mentioned the dialog having some issues, but was it really that detrimental? I could understand issues with the sub textual elements, but I had no problem with them.

      Personally can’t stand the overrated tag to being with, and I will say there is no way you can overrate this on a technical level. By those accomplishments alone it floats with being a masterpiece. That is not being hyperbolic, that’s being factual.

      1. Maybe if you only look at it on a technical level you can see this is amazing. When you look into the deeper elements, what the story is about, what is trying to say, amount others it doesn’t work. It is not a complete movie. It is not much more than one of the IMAX movies that show at museums, except this has bigger names.

        I didn’t hate it by any stretch of the imagination. I only don’t think it is as
        amazing as people are saying. It is a spectacle and that’s about it. .

        1. I totally got deeper elements out of the movie myself. Well we all did actually (those of us on the podcast) I just removed that part from the podcast for spoiler reasons, and not to influence peoples viewing of the film. Interesting that you took nothing away from the film other then its technical achievements.

          1. Nothing maybe too harsh, and I would be interested to hear that conversation. Just so you realize I did enjoy the podcast a great deal. My take was just different then yours. When I rewatch, which I know I will, I’ll keep what you said in mind. Don’t believe it will change my opinion. You never know though.

          2. I apologize.

            I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast and for sharing feedback. We do like hearing different opinions. I hope we aren’t scaring you away:)

          3. Oh no, you did not scare me off in the least. This is why I get into podcasts, for conversations like this. If anything I should perhaps I apologize. I think I came out with fists a blazing. The internet has conditioned me in that way. LOL

        2. There was a lot more to this than cheap thrills, the entire
          film and premise was clearly a metaphor. I would also argue it tackles many of the same questions as 2001: A Space Odyssey, maybe it does not reach as deep, but layers the amazing technical aspects with some thematic storytelling.

  11. I can’t fully weigh in being I haven’t seen the film yet. However that
    being said I dislike most George Clooney and Sandra Bullock films save a
    few. Also saying it is akin to Buried and Breaking Bad, I know I
    wouldn’t like it. I hated Buried and Breaking Bad was slow and boring to
    me. I will try when on Netflix / Redbox but not having high hopes.

    1. I guarantee seeing this movie at home that it will not resonate at all in any way.

    2. I was not a fan of Buried but thought Gravity was amazing. If space at all intrigues you I advise checking it out. Honestly you cannot get a much better theater experience.

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