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The Pull Bag – EP 313 – DC Comics – Nightwing: The New Order!

In Episode 313 of The Pull Bag join TFG1Mike and Steve Megatron as they learn all about THE NEW ORDER!! Yup that’s right we are back to DC Comics, and this is a prelude to The Pull Bag’s Nightwing November this year! Kyle Higgins returns to writing Nightwing with  Nightwing: The New Order! This is a self contained futuristic 6 issue miniseries from DC Comics. It takes place in 2040, and even though things change, the more the stay the same! As always Make Your Great Escape Into Comics!!!

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TPB Asks You: Have you been reading Nightwing: Rebirth?

TPB Asks You: Who is your favorite Nightwing writer and why?


Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips


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