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The Pull Bag – Episode 55 – The Bat Books #27 Issues

In Episode 55 Steve and Mike explore and SPOIL THE HELL OUTTA  the THRILLING stories in the Bat Books #27 issues! “ZERO YEAR” reaches an all-important crossroads as Batman and Jim Gordon try to turn the lights back on in Gotham City, In this tale tying into “GOTHTOPIA,” what kind of sick world pairs up Batgirl and the woman who tried to kill Jim Gordon — Knightfall?!, Nightwing’s being visited by an old friend from Gotham — the Mad Hatter!, and in Detective Comics we have entered GOTHTOPIA! As well as a bunch of writers and artists coming together to celebrate Detective #27!, plus we talk the April 2014 Solicits. So jump into The Pull Bag as we talk about the books of the Bat from DC Comics!

DC April 2014 Solicitations

Kyle Higgins on Batman: Eternal
The Pull Bag Banner Art #2



Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard


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