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Remote Control – EP 00 – Who Controls Your Remote Control

Remote Control is here!!! In Episode 00 listen in as TFG1Mike, Steve Megatron, Boothninja, and The Televixen talk TV!!! We give you all the info on this new podcast from the GCRN. As well as talking about what watched or what our parents made us watch as kids. So stop channel surfin’ because you are now tuned into Remote Control!!!

Question #1: Who Controls Your Remote Control?

Question #2: What NEW 2014-2015 TV Shows are you interested in?

Who Controls Remote Control


Channel Surfers:

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “Boothninja81” Powers

Melissa “The Televixen

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TFG1Mike is a geek with many interests. He has been podcasting for over a decade, and sees no stopping point in sight. From Transformers, He-Man, Batman, Comics, movies, video games, cartoons, and so much more, Mike has a zeal for the things he loves, and he will bring the hammer down on the things that he has a disdain for. He's generally a postive person, but negativity can creep in there. Mike is all about the innuendos and innuendon'ts too. You'll hear him on many of The GCRN podcasts!


  1. I love that you are doing a TV podcast. Excited to hear what you guys have to say. Listening though I am a little confused about the complexity of the show. These episodes do this these episodes cover that. It’s somewhat hard to follow. Was hoping you do something like the weekly movie show. Just a roundabout discussion about what’s going on and what your watching.

    1. Glad you are excited to hear it. I was trying to make it completely different than what The Tele-Cast is when creating RC. I’m very excited to be producing RC and our first Pilot Premiere will be on Gotham this coming Wednesday.

      I didn’t want a randomized general TV podcast. Basically if you looked at this blog:

      it breaks down each ep type for RC. Here they are again though:

      Pilot Premieres (PP) – Pilot Premiere is a part of Remote Control where we take a look at various pilots for each new TV season. We’ll give thoughts on the episode and predictions on where we think the series will go.

      Season Premieres (SE) – Season Premiere is a part of Remote Control where we take a look at various Season Premiere episodes for returning TV series. We’ll give thoughts on the where the series left off and predictions on where we think the new season will go.

      Finishing Finales (FF) – Finishing Finale is the part of Remote Control where we take a look at various Season Finales for new OR returning TV series. We’ll give thoughts on the finale episode and overall thoughts on the season in its entirety. We also may give predictions for the next season.

      Season Pass (SP) – Season Pass is where we take an in depth look at an entire season from an individual show. We’ll give you our detailed thoughts and the notes we recorded as we watched the entire season. Then we will decide if we will continue watching that particular series or not. Possibly this could mean more SP episodes for the future from that series. It’s a review show that doesn’t have to consist of 20+ podcast episodes covering a series episode by episode. Instead you get an entire season in one shot. Season Pass episodes for Remote Control will consist of season reviews from any show that aired after the year 2000 whereas episodes for Tele-Cast will remain for series that aired PRIOR to the year 2000. For any show that aired on both sides of the millennium the episodes will be broadcast on both shows and feeds simultaneously.

      Reality Rewind (RR) – Reality Rewind is a set of themed episodes for Remote Control focusing on Reality TV. These episodes could be talking about one or multiple reality TV shows in one podcast episode.

      These special themed types of episodes are to focus on one aspect of TV viewing.

      It’ll be easier to understand once you hear the full on ep discussions on certain shows.

      Thanks for listening. Can’t wait to read your feedback in the future!

      1. Yea I saw that. Curious to see what it is like. But all that text is rather intimidating lol. Feel like a need a field guide before I listen to an episode

        1. nah you won’t need a field guide. LOL It’ll be very straight forward You’ll hear come Wednesday how easy it’ll be to listen to the show

        2. No worries, I think the format is going to be new and fun and most importantly enjoyable! Good to not follow the same format as all the other shows!

  2. So are you only talking about shows at the beginning and end of the season? Not during.

    1. It may seem that way…. but NO.

      Pilot Premieres are us looking at the first eps of NEW Shows, Season Premieres the same thing. Finishing Finales will be thoughts on the season overall and spoiler filled thoughts on the finale.

      The way I have set the podcast up it allows us to come record whenever and not be tied down to doing a weekly podcast. I did it this way because I’ve tried doing a weekly TV podcast in the past. It’s too much damn work keeping up. With us doing the show this way we do not have to worry about spoiling shows before people have seen them etc.

      Basically we are taking advantage of the Fall and Spring CORE TV times. However the Season Pass episodes reserved for shows that have already had a number of seasons or are completed will be a whole different type of discussion. And we will have regular numbered eps in the future talk about other TV stuff.

      I hope that answers the question.

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