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03 – Our Top 10 Batman Actors

In Episode 03 of Studio 2009 join TFG1Mike and Steve Megatron as they open up the studio doors. Hear them do the Studio’s first countdown, as they countdown their Top Ten Batman actors. This podcast exists because of listeners like you!

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The Studio Asks You: Who would be in your Top 10 Batman Actors countdown?


Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips


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TFG1Mike is a geek with many interests. He has been podcasting for over a decade, and sees no stopping point in sight. From Transformers, He-Man, Batman, Comics, movies, video games, cartoons, and so much more, Mike has a zeal for the things he loves, and he will bring the hammer down on the things that he has a disdain for. He's generally a postive person, but negativity can creep in there. Mike is all about the innuendos and innuendon'ts too. You'll hear him on many of The GCRN podcasts!

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  1. I liked your guys lists. Not going to give opinions on them cause a list is just a list. like Mike said lists change as time goes on. He’s mine.
    1) Kevin Conroy(iconic voice to end all bat voices)
    2) Ben Affleck(perfect batsuit & I loved the fact they used voice modulation)
    3) Bruce Greenwood(his voice to me is a good older late 30s batman. Also great in the movie 13 days)
    ⬆️⬆️⬆️These are the 3 voices I hear in my head when I read comics.

    4) Michael Keaton(89, that’s it, just 89)
    5) Will Fedele
    6) Adam West
    7) Peter Weller(great older bat voice too)
    8) Christian Bale
    9) Jason O’Mara(he was a good voice for this new animated universe they just killed)
    10) Val Kilmer(this is the first movie i ever stood in line for. He and the movie will always hold a place on any list I make.)

    Honorable mentions:
    11) Michael Ironside(love his DKR voice, “Rubber bullets, honest.”
    12)Bugs Bunny(he’s a stinker)
    Oh and that guy from the OC he was good too

    Great new show guys!!

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