Coming 65 Years In The FUTURE!


About halfway through ToonCast I had a general idea of how to continue the podcast, however making it a BRAND NEW podcast. Then there was the Batman Beyond joke of 65 years in the future. Thus ToonCast Beyond was born. While ToonCast Proper is over at Episode 100 and we finish talking about the cartoons we grew up with. ToonCast Beyond will focus on any cartoons airing right now. We will also have what we are calling “Delorean Time” Episodes…… These DT Episodes will act as going back in time to ToonCast proper to cover any cartoons we grew up with that aren’t in ToonCast Proper. So anything that wasn’t covered will be covered in the future. ToonCast Beyond will have a similiar yet different format then ToonCast. We are running this podcast like a television season. So season 1 starts on November 11th 2011 and ends May 30th 2012. It will run from Episode 01 to Episode 30. After Episode 30 there will be a 2 month “off season”  then Season 2 will start August 1st 2012. So there’s a general idea of how the seasons will work. ToonCast Beyond will air every Wednesday just like ToonCast Proper did. The schedule of episodes currently has 200 episodes on the list. So I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised with the coverage we’ll be doing.

And now a taste of things to come here are the Seasons we have so far:

Season 1 – Superheroes

Season 2 – Dreamworks

Season 3 – Disney Film Spotlight

Season 4 –  Disney Animation

Season 5 – Pixar Spotlight

Season 6 – Action Spotlight

Season 7 – Cartoons Of Randomness Part I

Season 8 – Animated Films

Season 9 –  Cartoons Of Randomness Part II

Right now ToonCast Beyond is scheduled through 2016 so you’ll have plenty of cartoon talk from us here at The Geek Cast Radio Network.

TFG1Mike will be the main host with a rotating panel of co hosts that include Steve/Megatron, Kevin OptimusSolo, and Tarah The Rising Star. There will be room for “guest hosts” at times.

So there ya have it. That’s the all the info on ToonCast Beyond. Episode 00 will be released June 1st 2011 Then on November 11th 2011 we go Beyond!


Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard

Kevin “Optimus Solo” Thompson

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Tarah “The Rising Star” Bleier



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