ToonCast Beyond – Schedule Season 1: Superheroes

And so it begins ToonCast Beyond arrives with the Season 1 schedule:

Season 1: Superheroes

Episode 00: Introduction Airdate: 6/11/11


Episode 01: The Super Hero Squad Show! Airdate: 11/11/11 (BWA HAHAHAHAHA)


Episode 02: DCUAOM Spotlight: Superman: Doomsday Airdate: 11/16/11


Episode 03: DCUAOM Spotlight: Justice League: New Frontier Airdate: 11/23/11


Episode 04: DCUAOM Spotlight: Batman: Gotham Knight Airdate: 11/30/11


Episode 05: DCUAOM Spotlight: Wonder Woman Airdate: 12/7/11


Episode 06: DCUAOM Spotlight: Green Lantern: First Flight Airdate: 12/14/11


Episode 07: DCUAOM Spotlight: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Airdate: 12/21/11


Episode 08: DCUAOM Spotlight: Justice League Crisis On Two Earths Airdate: 12/28/11


Episode 09: DCUAOM Spotlight: Batman: Under The Red Hood Airdate: 1/4/12


Episode 10: DCUAOM Spotlight: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Airdate: 1/11/12


Episode 11: DCUAOM Spotlight: All-Star Superman Airdate: 1/18/12


Episode 12: DCUAOM Spotlight: Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Airdate: 1/25/12


ToonCast Beyond – Special Episode – Duck Dodgers: The Green Loontern


Episode 13: DCUAOM Spotlight: Batman Year One Airdate: 2/1/12


Episode 14: DCUAOM Spotlight: Justice League: DOOM Airdate: 2/8/12


Episode 15: Superhero Spotlight: The Batman Airdate: 2/15/12


Episode 16: Superhero Spotlight: Batman: The Brave and The Bold Airdate: 2/22/12


Episode 17: Delorean Time: Mega Man  Airdate: 2/29/12


Episode 18: Delorean Time: Reboot Airdate: 3/7/12


Episode 19: Delorean Time: Fleischer Superman Airdate: 3/14/12


Episode 20: Superhero Spotlight: Young Justice  (2011) Airdate: 3/21/12


Episode 21: Superhero Spotlight: Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Airdate: 3/28/12


Episode 22: Superhero Spotlight: Spectacular Spider-Man Airdate: 4/4/12


Episode 23: Superhero Spotlight: Green Lantern (2011) Airdate: 4/11/12


Episode 24: Delorean Time: The Incredible Hulk  Airdate: 4/18/12


Episode 25: Superhero Spotlight: X-Men: Evolution Airdate: 5/2/12


Episode 26: Superhero Spotlight: Wolverine and the X-Men Airdate: 5/9/12


Episode 27: Delorean Time: Freakazoid Airdate: 5/20/12


Episode 28: Delorean Time: Wacky Races Airdate: 5/23/12

Episode 29: Delorean Time: Dastardly & Muttley Airdate: 5/24/12

Episode 30: Delorean Time: Laff a Lympics Airdate: 5/25/12

Episode 31: Superhero Spotlight: Iron Man Armored Adventures Airdate: 5/26/12

Episode 32: Superhero Spotlight: Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes (2011) Airdate: 5/27/12

Episode 33: Superhero Spotlight: Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes Airdate: 5/28/12

Episode 34: Delorean Time: Fantastic Four (1994) Airdate: 5/29/12

Episode 35: Superhero Season Recap Airdate: 5/30/12

Well there ya have it folks. Episodes 00-35 make up Season 1 of ToonCast Beyond. With a special ep thrown in there for good measure. We had lots of superhero action, and tons of Delorean Time jaunts. Join us in Season 2: Dreamworks Spotlight, when we explore tons of Dreamworks films.

ToonCast Beyond Will Return August 1, 2012

As a note Episodes 02-14 are going to be a crossover with the Animation Aficionados


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