ToonCast Beyond – Schedule Season 2: Dreamworks Spotlight

ToonCast Beyond

Season 2: Dreamworks Spotlight

 ToonCast Beyond has ended the superhero discussions, and we now move onto a giant film company. Dreamworks Animation. This season listeners can expect us to cover a majority of the Dreamworks animated films. From your favorites, to ones you might not even know about. There will also be tons of Delorean Time episodes in Season 2. So fret not as ToonCast continues to go Beyond all expectations!!!!! 

Here’s the breakdown:

Episode 36: Dreamworks Spotlight: Shrek Franchise Part 1: Shrek 1-2

Episode 37: Dreamworks Spotlight: Shrek Franchise Part 2: Shrek 3-4

Episode 38: Dreamworks Spotlight: Antz

Episode 39: Dreamworks Spotlight: Chicken Run

Episode 40: Delorean Time: Mysterious Cities Of Gold

Episode 41: Dreamworks Spotlight: Shark Tale

Episode 42: Dreamworks Spotlight: Madagascar

Episode 43: Dreamworks Spotlight: Over The Hedge

Episode 44: Dreamworks Spotlight: Kung Fu Panda (2008,2011)

Episode 45: Delorean Time: Racoons

Episode 46: Dreamworks Spotlight: How to Train Your Dragon

Episode 47: Dreamworks Spotlight: Bee Movie

Episode 48: Dreamworks Spotlight: Monsters vs. Aliens

Episode 49: Dreamworks Spotlight: Megamind

Episode 50: Delorean Time: Denver The Last Dinosaur

Episode 51: Dreamworks Spotlight: Prince of Egypt

Episode 52: Delorean Time: Get Along Gang

Episode 53: Dreamworks Spotlight: Road to El Dorado

Episode 54: Delorean Time: TazMania

ToonCast Beyond Ep 54 Art


Episode 55: Delorean Time: Adventures Of Little Koala

Episode 56: Dreamworks Spotlight: Flushed Away

Episode 57: Dreamworks Spotlight: Wrap Up

So there ya go, Season 2 of ToonCast Beyond starts airing August 1, 2012 and will run through December 12, 2012.

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  1. An interesting schedule. I skipped a lot of these movies, but I may look some of them up if they’re worth watching. I have seen parts of Bee Movie on TV and I have no interest in seeing more of that atrocity. And today I caught Road to Eldorado on TV. Not bad, but not good. Kevin Kline was good and the animation was good, but certainly not a movie I would need to own. I liked Kung Fu Panda, and it was beautiful in HD. The Shrek films are pretty good. I am not as in love with them as most people, but I thought the first three that I saw were pretty good. The third one has several nods to other films that I enjoyed, so I give it some bonus points for that. Megamind was entertaining, but again, not something I need to see again. Madagascar kinda sucked. The best thing to come out of that is Nickelodeon’s Penguins series. And I need to finally see How To Train Your Dragon. Reviews were very glowing and I have heard some good things.

    1. Yeah a lot of the DW spotlight I have not seen, I do like the Shrek Franchise, but I’m not “in love” with it. The others I’ll have to wait and see… Thanks 4 the support.

  2. Looking forward to Season 2. Dreamworks has some hits, but also a lot of misses. The first Shrek is great, but has suffered for the less then stellar sequels. I do love How to Train Your Dragon. Still think its their best film. Oh and Denver the Last Dinosaur! Wow forgot all about that cartoon. Did enjoy watching it as a kid, but don’t remember much about it.

    1. Yeah the goal is to have “set” spotlight themes, but the DT’s can literally be anything! The Delorean Times as I’ve said before allow us to cover everything that people wanted in ToonCast Classic. Yet we will still have the Seasonal topic stuff too. Season 2 will be very interesting. As I’ve only seen half the films on the schedule.

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