Shut Up and Take My Money Review # 1 Monkey Brains Bowl

HunnicOutcast here, and I’m pleased to welcome you.  To my next blog, Shut up and Take my Money.   This is a separate review blog.   Focusing on “geeky,” purchases.   I’ll be your guide, rating said items.  From either, Don’t even Touch This Product,” – “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!”   For my first review I’ve decided to review the “most,” talked about.  Conversation piece to show up on the inter-web.   The Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom, Monkey Brains Bowl.


If you were a child of the ’80’s.  Then you grew up watching the Indiana Jones Trilogy.  And I bet you always wanted a piece of the film?  For me I owned the fedora.  But one of the most talked about props.  Was the Monkey Brains Bowl.  A mummified monkey head, with the top of its head chopped off.   Inside you could eat it’s chilled brains.  Yummy, Yummy, granted there were recipes for an “non-gross,” taste.   Usually consisting of four, sugar, jello, and corn starch.  However back then only gifted sculptors.  Could only make the actual factual bowl.  That is until now.

monkey_head_bowl_01 (specializing in geeky products), is based in Australia. Is currently selling a replica.  It can range between fifty -sixty dollars.  What will make you scream/faint (a la Kate Capshaw) is the international shipping, adding an additional eighty dollars.  Totaling to One Hundred Thirty/Forty Dollars.  For me I chose Ebay, and paid thirty dollars for the shipping.   Saving a total of fifty dollars.  Was it a big deal?  Yes and no, but it was about the principal.  Don’t get me wrong, I love  But the international shipping is outrageous.


You’d think that would shave off points?   But no, if an birthday, Holiday, Tax refund, Ect comes up.  Then it makes up for an great conversation piece.  Up there with the Freddy Kruger glove.   As well as the Jason Vorees mask.   It comes in some creative packaging.   A cardboard box that is supposed to be a wooden crate.  With Fragile, and Handle With Care on its sides.   So the packaging gets some points right there.  It’s worth keeping around.  As long, as you keep the cardboard in a climate controlled area.


As for the bowl itself?   Well it doesn’t look like the actual movie prop.   But I do apprecicate the sculpting.  The frown, as if to say?   “I’m being turned into a bowl?”   The teeth showing as if to say?  “Go ahead and eat my brains.”   “They’re going to give you terrible diarrhea.”  The glassy eyes are a nice touch.  Along with the pressed in nose.  It’s ceramic not plastic.  So you’re getting you’re moneys worth.  Finally let’s discuss the hair, and interior of the bowl.

I’m guessing it’s doll hair.  Or some fake knock off animal hair.   Dyed grey, and flowing over the head.  Right down to it’s sideburns.   Covering its ears, it is a nice touch.  A lot of love and detail went into this product.  Taking care of it, may be a problem for newbies.  So I suggest looking up how to care for doll hair.  Also there is shampoo/soap for Alpaca footwear.  So there are several ways.   Just be careful picking up the top to place whatever you’d like inside.

The Fein-Al Verdict

There is a plastic cup to safeguard the interior.  Just in case you don’t want to wash out, cornstarch, milk, ECT.  The size is 4.5 inches tall, and four inches wide.   So you just want to be careful, what to place in it.  Or around it, for me I think it’ll just be an conversational piece.   For everyone else, it is not dishwasher safe.   But since it does have doll hair/mock animal hair.  It is a well…no brainier.   I’m not saying that you should treat it like a scared artifact. Just that between the price plus shipping.   You may want to.   Either way I’m glad I bought it.   For more check out my other written reviews on The Geekcast or check out my podcast Hunnicoutcast.

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It' a tad expensive, plus the international shipping is outrageous. But it does make for a great conversation piece.

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