All Things Transformers

The podcast that encompasses all the various series, merch, interviews and anything interesting with the Transformers franchise.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, TFG1Mike

Altered Geek

All about Gaming, Pop Culture, Superheroes, Comics, TV, Films & more! Hosted in Michigan by @SCP21 Get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks! #PodernFamily

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, TFG1Mike, Michael Powers, Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

Cinema Geeks

A movie podcast that looks at film from every angle including film series, top lists, games, predictions, news, reviews and much more

Hosted by: Dan ‘MovieRevolt’ Clark, Kevin ‘OptimusSolo’ Thompson, Amanda ‘HardCandiMandi’ Kosowiec, Matt ‘FridleyCent’

The Comic Concierge

Comics are for everyone, the key is finding the right one for you. With a world so vast and grand as the world of comics and graphic novels you need a special guide to show you the way. That’s where the Comic Concierge podcast comes in! Whether you are a lifelong comic fan or someone brand new to comics Comic Concierge has something for you as we bring on guests to experience comics for the first time, dive deep into notable series with comic veterans, talk to comic creators, and so much more.

Hosted by: MovieRevolt Dan

Double Feature Decades

The replacement for MWIRE is DFD. Come out Friday’s at Five for Double Feature Decades with TFG1Mike and special guests to talk about films by decade.

Hosted By: TFG1Mike,

Extreme Retro Gaming

All about video games, from retro, to modern day, with news and with personalities well versed in the gaming community and the love surrounding it.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, Steven Phillips, TV’s Mr Neil, Mike Dodd

Future Imperfect

The Star Trek podcast originally started over on This Week in Geek is officially a part of the GCRN. The show has discussions on all things Sci-Fi, Star Trek, The Orville and Star Trek Discovery Episode Reviews.

Hosted by: Steven ‘Admiral’ Phillips, Captain Mike ‘Birdman’ Dodd

Geek Responsibly

Welcome to Geek Responsibly, hosted by entrepreneur, vlogger, and public speaker Jenna Clark. On this podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews with geeky people and new and current thoughts.

Hosted by: Jenna Clark, Bridget

GeekCast Radio Presents

The flagship show is revamped as GeekCast Radio Presents which still covers general geek subjects that aren’t covered in the more specific podcasts including the Top 10’s, Top 50 and Top 100 Countdowns. However it also is now the testbed for future new show content that we’re experimenting with.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, TFG1Mike, Kevin Thompson, Dan Clark

Mayhem Mics

The podcast that encompasses all wrestling content.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, Mike Dodd, Ryan Merkley

Movie Week in Review

Individual movie review podcast covering plot, trivia and behind the scenes, and opinions of the films, spotlights, franchises and classics.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, TFG1Mike,

Pixels in the Animation

The podcast that reviews the Nintendo and Sega Cartoon programming from the 80’s and 90’s

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, TV’s Mr Neil

Podcaster Meets World

Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World Review show.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, TFG1Mike

Podcast Organization Without a Cool Acronym

The podcast reviews Phineas and Ferb

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, Michael Wilson

Powers of Grayskull

A review podcast all about He-Man and She-Ra which tackles every single episode from all four Masters of the Universe cartoon series

Hosted By: TFG1Mike and Kevin ‘OptimusSolo’ Thompson

The Pull Bag

The podcast that encompasses all the various comic companies, comics, discussions, origins and anything to do with that industry.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike

Remote Control

All about Television

Hosted by: TFG1Mike


Going back in time to analyze and review all the great events of the topic year. Each episode is filled with nostalgia and discovery.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, TFG1Mike, Kevin Thompson

The TeleCast: The Twilight Zone

A nostalgic podcast that takes us back in time to look a the best Television has had to offer over the years. Continuing on from TeleCast Season 1, Kevin and Dan look back at the program, The Twilight Zone.

Hosted By: Kevin ‘OptimusSolo’ Thompson, ‘Movie Revolt’ Dan


All Cartoons, All The Time. Continuing the legacy of the original ToonCast and merging with ToonCast Beyond, this unified ToonCast will dive into a whole new era of cartoons.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike


The podcast that pits various geek topics up against each other in a battle format which includes one on one contests and all-out tournament madness.

Hosted By: Kevin ‘OptimusSolo’ Thompson, Steven Phillips, TFG1Mike

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