Beyond the Knight

The podcast that covers the Knight Rider franchise in review show style.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike,

The Beast Unleashed Podcast

Review podcast on Beast Wars and Beast Machines in this 30 episode run breaking down the series.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, TFG1Mike, Michael Wilson

From the Command Center

The podcast that encompasses all the various series of Power Rangers.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, Scotty Cash, Matt Spada


A podcast where the guys let the frustrations fly and rant in a wild and sometimes off color style that is honest and raw.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, TFG1Mike


A review podcast which takes a look at every single episode from the classic 80s cartoon, M.A.S.K.

Hosted By: TFG1Mike, Kevin ‘OptimusSolo’ Thompson & ToonMaster Tim

MWIRE Weekly

A segmented version of the MWIRE show where they cover the weekly news in cinema.

Hosted by: Kevin Thompson, Dan Clark, Michael Powers

Off The Cuff

The podcast that was a variety show primarily featured on gaming but in an ‘off the cuff’ format.

Hosted by: Michael Powers, Art Danner, Joe

Showtime Synergy

The podcast that reviewed the animated series JEM and the Holograms.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike

The Secret Origins Podcast

The podcast that reviewed Justice League and Justice League Unlimited in review show format.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, Michael Caminiti

TeamBotimus Variety Hour

A variety style show with Optibotimus and TFG1 Mike.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, Optibotimus

ToonCast Classic

The premiere GCRN animated series podcast review show breaking down the past fifty years of cartoons.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, Kevin Thompson


Talking Transformers toys is what started it but it morphed into the toy podcast with an all encompassing news and toy review structure. Still hanging out at Episode 99.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike

The Transformers Generation One Podcast

Also known as the ‘TFG1’ Podcast which TFG1Mike debuted as a podcaster. Join him as he breaks down the animated series in the first review style show.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, Michael Wilson, Steven Phillips

The Transformation Animation Podcast

The podcast that covers Transformers Animated following up from the success of the Beast Unleashed Podcast.

Hosted by: TFG1Mike, Michael Wilson, Steven Phillips, Kevin Thompson

War Stories 2.0

A fanfic based attempted revival of the War Stories podcast on TFwire narrated and voiced by Steve ‘Megatron.’

Hosted by: Steven Phillips

Weekend at the Movies

The followup to MWIRE Weekly and series before the retitle to Cinema Geeks covering the world of the motion picture.

Hosted by: Michael Powers, Kevin Thompson, Dan Clark

Xtreme Retro Gaming

First it was a website by Steve and then a podcast, then run by the Off The Cuff crew before the retitle.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, Michael Powers