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Review podcast on the series G.I. Joe by Sunbow and DiC.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, Kevin Thompson

ReBooting Mainframe

Review podcast on the CGI series ReBoot which was Mainframe Animation’s first show before Beast Wars existed. Pushing the envelope with tech speak of the 1990’s.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips,

The MacGyver Files

Review podcast on MacGyver.

Hosted by: Kevin Thompson,

The TFG2 Podcast

A reformatting of sorts of the TFG1 Podcast but with a new feel, new style, better production and some big changes. No cybernet spacecube here just talking Gen One.

Hosted by: TFG1 Mike, Michael Wilson, Steven Phillips,

Transformers Prime Time

Review podcast on the CGI series Transformers Prime.

Hosted by: Steven Phillips, TFG1 Mike, Michael Wilson