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Geek Responsibly Joins The GeekCast Radio Network

The year is 2018 and with many new projects in the works, it gives me great pleasure to welcome a new podcast to our lineup. Jenna Clark of the Geek Responsibly podcast joins the GeekCast Radio Network. If you are a fan of Off The Cuff, Altered Geek and a few other mainstays of the GCRN, you’ll enjoy this this podcast. Only with Geek Responsibly you get a show with a 100% female perspective with Jenna and Bridget.

The podcast is geared to more of a broad spectrum of nerdom. They cover comics, books, video games, movies, tv shows and their lives. They want to just bring a dorky connection to their audience.

In the future Jenna plans to do some specialized styled content building on emotional connections we have with TV series such as picking a character and discussing their persona and why they enjoy the character.

Description of the Podcast is below:

Welcome to the Geek Responsibly Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, vlogger and public speaker Jenna Clark. On this podcast you’ll find a mix of my interviews with geeky people and thoughts. You can keep up with me on social media and my website

You can currently find the show on iTunes, Podbean, and now, the GeekCast Radio Network

Tentative Release Schedule: Mondays and Thursdays

Either way, feel free to check out the show and be sure to comment, give suggestions, interact and Unleash the Geek in YOU!

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