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Calling All Transformers Fans!

Help Us Create The Next Top 100 Countdown

We are looking for the who’s who of the Transformers Fandom to help us create this next countdown.

Don’t be the only one left out!

  • Receive FREE publicity for your site, blog, YouTube channel, or social media handles for your participation.
  • Just reply to this post, email, or DM @OptimusSolo for further details!

Top 100 Countdowns

We would like to invite you to participate in the next of our iconic Top 100 Countdowns! If you have been a fan for any amount of time, you may have seen us do: (See All Lists Here)

      1. Top 100 Animated Series (2011)
      2. Top 100 Animated Films (2013)
      3. Top 100 TV Shows (2015)
      4. Top 100 Animated Characters (2016)
      5. Top 100 Villains (2017)
      6. Top 100 Wrestlers (2019)

The First of TWO Top 100 Countdowns for 2021 we are tackling are:

The Top 100 Transformers Characters

How we come up with the Top 100 is pretty simple:

  • We reach out to people, websites, podcasts, etc., that we think are knowledgeable on the subject and we ask them to submit their own Top 100 lists.
  • We combine everyone’s list to create one final master list.
  • The higher you rank a character the more points they receive. Number 1 on your list receives 100 points, the Number 100 on your list receives 1 point.  The more points the better ranking!

Reveals, Free Press, and List Making

The list will be revealed on a number of Podcast episodes and later the full list will be included in a blog post. We will also be constructing a Contributor page that will include all those that are participating. This page will have links to all your contacts such as your RSS feed, website, and social media profiles. We also will advertise your information throughout the podcast records! FREE PRESS!

You can create one single list for your podcast, website, or one per person. Obviously, 100 can be a lot so if you cannot complete a full list that is okay. At the minimum, we ask that you submit a list of 50 in order to be included in the project. We are looking to have all lists in by APRIL 15, 2021 as a soft deadline, with the final deadline date being APRIL 20, 2021 so we can compile the lists in the month of May, and then start recording on MONDAY, JUNE 7, 2021.

If you’d like to be a part of the podcast feel free to let us know and we’ll see how it works out in scheduling.

We have a Master list to help you create your final list. The master list includes over 800 characters and which cartoons they were a part of. We have also done our best to include any major comic or film characters as well. If there are obvious selections you feel are not included please let us know and we’ll get them added. (E-mail us if interested in participating to receive the file)

If you have any questions please let us know, and be sure to reply to this post, email, or DM @OptimusSolo for further details!

We hope all of you will participate as we think this is going to be an amazing project. Also, all of this will be done in the same year as the 35th Anniversary of Transformers The Movie, and the 25th Anniversary of Beast Wars! Let’s Unleash the Geek in YOU, and Countdown some #TRANSFORMERS characters!


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