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Kevin’s Lists: Top 50 Movies of the 90s

Last week I gave you the first installment of my Top 50 Movie Lists with  the Top 50 Eighties Movies. This week I present to you my list of the Top 50 Nineties Movies!

All of the following have gone into the ranking of this list to varying degrees: Critical Acclaim, Awards, Box Office Numbers, Personal Bias, Defining the Decade, Originality, Best of a Genre or Series

[A few Disclaimers]

#1: The following movies were not eligible to make my list due to the fact that I have NOT seen them yet :( I will be trying to watch these movies one by one through [Netflix] so each one will have a chance to break into my Top 50 as time passes.

Rocky V, Misery, Taking Care of Business, Bugsy, Prince of Tides, Thelma and Louise, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Far & Away, Crying Game, Bodyguard, Glengarry Glen Ross, Piano, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, True Romance, Indecent Proposal, Ed Wood, River Wild, Reality Bites, Copycat, Just Cause, Kids, Leaving Las Vegas, Powder, Il Postino, While You Were Sleeping, Sense and Sensibility, Babe, Dead Presidents, Secrets and Lies, Trainspotting, Shine, Crow, Broken Arrow, Fargo, Great White Hype, Island of Dr. Morneau, In Love and War, Sleepers, Michael, Ghost of Mississippi, Amistad, Inventing Abbotts, Jackie Brown, L.A. Confidential, Saint, Seven Years in Tibet, Suicide Kings, Selena, Being John Malkovich, Dogma, Eyes Wide Shut, Girl Interrupted, Magnolia, October Sky, Snow Falling on Cedars, Stigmata, Stir of Echos, Virgin Suicides, Apt Pupil, City of Angels, Fear and Loathing, Great Expectations, Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels, Ronin, Something About Mary, You’ve Got Mail, Replacement Killers, Boyz in da Hood, Don’t be a Menace…, Natural Born Killers

#2: The following movies earned honorable mentions due to the fact that they were ranked in the Top 10 for their given release year even though they didn’t make it into the Top 50.

Aladdin, Last of the Mohicans, Big Lebowski, Hamlet, Die Hard II, Godfather III, Pretty Woman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cape Fear, JFK, Sleeping with the Enemy, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, My Girl, Beauty and the Beast, Last Boy Scout, Newsies, League of Their Own, Lethal Weapon 3, Unforgiven, Fugitive, Groundhog Day, Wyatt Earp, Quiz Show, Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, Maverick, 12 Monkeys, Outbreak, Crimson Tide, Dead Man Walking, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Sling Blade, Independence Day, That Thing You Do, Courage Under Fire, Mission Impossible, From Dusk Till Dawn, Happy Gilmore, Conspiracy Theory, Devil’s Advocate, 5th Element, Devil’s Own, Men in Black, As Good As It Gets, Rainmaker, Kiss the Girls, Armageddon, Blade, Sixth Sense, Grosse Pointe Blank, Michael Collins, What Dreams May Come

And Now for the List…


The Top 50 Movies of the 90’s


#50: Dick Tracy
#49: Gettysburg
#48: Dazed and Confused
#47: Dances With Wolves
#46: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
#45: Boondock Saints
#44: The Lion King
Best Animated & Kids Movie of the Decade
#43: The Hurricane
#42: The Truman Show
#41: Donnie Brasco


#40: Scent of a Woman
#39: Carlito’s Way
#38: Romeo and Juliet
#37: Jerry Maguire
Best Movie of 1996
#36: Swing Kids
#35: Pleasantville
#34: Green Mile
#33: What About Bob
Best Comedy of the Decade
#32: Terminator 2: Judgement Day
#31: Awakenings


#30: Edward Scissorhands
#29: Apollo 13
#28: Arlington Road
#27: Heat
#26: Legends of the Fall
#25: Casino
#24: Reservoir Dogs
#23: Philadelphia
#22: Life is Beautiful
#21: The Matrix
Best Science Fiction Movie of the Decade


#20: Cider House rules
#19: Good Will Hunting
Best Movie of 1997
#18: Malcolm X
#17: Usual Suspects
#16: Se7en
#15: Pulp Fiction
#14: Jurassic Park
#13: Shawshank Redemption
#12: Silence of the Lambs
Best Movie of 1991
#11: Saving Private Ryan


#10: American History X

#09: Forrest Gump

Best Movie of 1994

#08: Shakespeare in Love

Best Romance of the Decade & Best Movie of 1998

#07: American Beauty

#06: A Few Good Men

Best Movie of 1992

#05: Tombstone

Best Western of the Decade

#04: Fight Club

Best Movie of 1999

#03: Braveheart

Best War Movie of the Decade & Best Movie of 1995

#02: Goodfellas

Best Movie of 1990


And the Best Movie of the Decade goes to…

#01: Schindler’s List

Best Movie of 1993 & Best Historical Movie of the Decade

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  1. A very surprising list. TOMBSTONE is one of my all-time favorites. Val Kilmer’s best role, IMO. BRAVEHEART is awesome and I need to watch the Blu-ray my wife bought for me. I’m very surprised to see FIGHT CLUB and AMERICAN HISTORY X on the top ten. Both are great movies. I enjoyed them both. They’re just aren’t movies I think a lot of people would put in their top ten. A cool list.

  2. Yeah, it is definitely not the typical Top Ten list, more of a combination of critical acclaim, slight personal bias, and a few other things haha

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