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Top 10: DC Live Action Films

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Here is the start to my top 10 listings. Tonight I bring you my Top 10 of the Live Action DC Films.

I am not going to get into a great deal of details due to covering all of them on MWIRE at past, present or future episodes. However I will give you a quick one liner on the overall film, my rating and of course what number I rank them based on quality. Also for the sake of it I will include two of DC’s future films due to the fact I think they will turn out great.

  1. The Dark Knight – By far the best rendition of the Joker in live action films and a good solid plot.
  2. Batman Begins – The reimagining of the origin story for Batman as well as a successful reboot.
  3. Jonah Hex – Seems cool for a first exposure to the character however it feels very much like Ghost Rider.
  4. Batman 1989 – I liked this due to the first dark Batman film setting the bar for future comic films.
  5. Batman 1966 – A hokey yet fun watch from the 60’s era Batman with 4 villians to boot.
  6. Batman Returns – Freaky as all hell yet the last of the Burton Batman films before it’s sad demise…
  7. Superman – The only rendition of Superman that managed to get off the ground and stay enjoyable.
  8. Supergirl – A nice nod to the cousin of Superman and unfortuneatly never saw another film/reboot.
  9. Green Lantern – I think despite having Van Wilder play this whom should be Flash, it will be very enjoyable.
  10. The Dark Knight Rises – Currently nothing is known but after 2 hit films it can only go up from here.

That’s all I have for my quick top 10 reviews of DC’s Live Action Films. Join me in a few days for my Top 10 list of DCAU Films.

This is Steve “Megatron” Phillips and you’re not, saying good night and good luck.

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  1. DCAU Films are very limited dunno if you can get a Top 10 outta those. And you can’t count DC Universe Animated Original Movies

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