GCRN WarZ – EP 15 – Tournaments – Video Game Icons Round 1 – Part 1


Join Kevin OptimusSolo, Steve/Megatron, TV’s Mr. Neil, TFG1 Mike and Nate AdolfoShabbaDoo as they enter the Video Game Icons Tournament!. The guys debate over the first Round of characters helping YOU decide who should win. Look at the 32 Combatant panel below and place your votes. Poll Closes Tuesday @ 9PM EST. We record on Tuesdays and release on Wednesdays. PLEASE VOTE! Make your voice heard! Only by voting can you be involved with the outcome of who advances in the tournament!




Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

TV’s Mr. Neil

Nathan “AdolfoShabbaDoo” Crocker


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Voting does work it’s just not the norm yet. Working on original issue but this will get us through. Have to vote one at a time and submit then move to the next one.

  2. So is it a forgone conclusion that Mario is just going to win this? Not that he should but with this stuff it is always popularity that wins out.

    1. oh hell no because the other side of the bracket has formidable opponents. But against luigi… I’m betting on mario.

    2. Mario has a chance but he really doesn’t have much for weapons or skill sets to match up against people throughout the bracket- I would say his chances are slim

    3. In my opinion, Mario could sweep as far as Luigi but after that it would be a tough gamble on him. There’s so many that are coming that it will be hard to tell.

    4. Mario should stand no chance against someone like Link or Megaman. You can’t kill them by jumping on their heads

    5. Me personally, if his whole tournament doesn’t go to either Yoshi or Kirby, the garbage disposals of the video game industry, then I say collusion! They should be able to cobble up any opponent lickity split!

      1. Couldn’t Link chop off Yoshi’s head though? I mean he is not immortal, or maybe he is. Maybe he really is a Highlander and we just ever knew.

        1. The question isn’t, can’t Link chop off Yoshi’s head, it’s can Link chop off Yoshi’s head before Yoshi swallows him whole. I submit that the tongue is faster then the sword:)

          1. that would be awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what you are saying with Kirby but I still think there are ways for others to beat him. Curious, did you listen to the episode at all?

          2. No, I didn’t. I’ll admit I am just shouting off at the mouth:)

    6. If Mario wins it will be a travesty. He’s just as plumber. He shouldn’t be able to defeat trained warriors.

  3. I hope Samus is in thus some place. A Megaman Samus match up would be great to see.

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