GCRN WarZ – EP 16 – Tournaments – Video Game Icons Round 1 – Part 2


Join Kevin OptimusSolo, Steve/Megatron, TV’s Mr. Neil, and TFG1 Mike as they enter the Video Game Icons Tournament!. The guys debate over the first Round of characters helping YOU decide who should win. Look at the 32 Combatant panel below and place your votes. Poll Closes Tuesday @ 9PM EST. We record on Tuesdays and release on Wednesdays. PLEASE VOTE! Make your voice heard! Only by voting can you be involved with the outcome of who advances in the tournament!



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Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

TV’s Mr. Neil


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. I don’t understand a lot of the choices on this many of them aren’t icons and make no sense for a battle tournament. Why is Frogger doing to anything?

    1. Granted Frogger is going to do much, but I like the overall feel of the 32 contestants. It represents multi generational gaming. Which ones do you not think are icons? Because Jak and Daxter along with Ratchet and Klank are PS2 era icons, and after Mario and Sonic being Nintendo and Sega’s icons…. Playstation 1 era icons began to emerge, like Crash and Spyro.

    2. Considering all the different platforms and generations covered I’m not really sure which characters you are seeing the problem with…care to elaborate?

      1. Busby, Gex, Banjo and Kazooie, and Toejam and Earl aren’t icons in my eyes. They came and gone quickly and no one talks about them anymore. People on the podcast didn’t even know some of the character

        1. Outside of banjo and kazzoie I can see what you are saying that out of the ones included they are the lesser known ones. Who would you have replaced them with?

          1. Dirk the Darling from Dragon’s Lair, Maybe Sam and Max but they started as comic characters, Knuckles or Tales you did have multiple Mario characters, I didn’t see Samus, Prince of Persia, Carmen from the Carmen San Diego Games, Guybrush from the Secret of Monkey Island.

          2. I agree with Samus, Dirk, and Sam & Max. Don’t know about Carmen and no idea who Guybrush is.

          3. Samus wasn’t included due to the ability to be in the running with the Doom/Nukem/Master Chief/etc if we go that route. I could see the Knuckles and Tales. Carmen would be very out of place. Sam and Max I could see. The others never heard of them.

          4. I considered Sam and Max! Guybrush would have been a great one as well. Samus, Prince of Persia don’t really qualify as they would dominated in this class. Dirk is hardly any better known than the characters you questioned. I could have had Knuckles and Tails but we wanted variety on that side of the bracket.

    3. I can see the nitpicking on the “Icons” title as much as we had the “All Time” in the Top 100. I figured that was bound to get taken literally at some point.
      The point is they all were around for a while and A / B list games at one point. But it’s the same reason Samus, Master Chief, the Doom Guy and Duke Nukem were left off is they are shooter icons. It was as I believe it intended to cover the past icon-ic characters.

      1. This and intended to be the most known ‘childhood’ characters. Games more directed for kids and more universally known.

      1. That would make more sense. Platform characters stand no chance in this unless they are in Smash Bros.

        1. I think you are missing the point a tiny bit. It’s not that you can come up with a category that doesn’t make sense in this type of thing. We could use any category. It’s not about only characters that make sense fighting each other

          1. What do you mean by category? In the podcast it appeared it was just who’d win in a fight. I didn’t hear any other categories being discussed.

          2. What I meant was that this type of tournament can and will be used for tons of different categories…last year was 80s cartoon villains, we could do it on food mascots, action stars, we could set it up with tv sitcom moms for the heck of it if we wanted. Its not meant to only be used with categories that ‘make sense’ in the sense of people who would actually make sense fighting each other. Therefore, having rpg/street fighter/shooter/mortal kombat characters makes no less or no more sense then having mario and yoshi duke it out. The point is to be relaxed, nerdy, geeky and have FUN with it. Not to nitpick it as if it was an actual real life showdown.

          3. If you guys ever decide to do a tough guy character bracket full of fighting/RPG/FPS characters, I strongly recommend Ike from Fire Emblem, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Duke Nukem, Crono (or Frog) from Chrono Trigger, Pepsi Man, and of course Segata Sanshiro.

  2. I have a feeling Sonic will take this half of the board. Speed and durability are huge in this type of battle and he has both. Spyro has a shot. He is a dragon.

    1. I think because those two are popular it will end up being a biased blood bath. That being said I have forecast-ed in my own opinion one of those to make it to the final round.

  3. Glad to see Toe Jam and Earl include though they have no shot. I bet they would oversleep and not show up cause they know they’d be out of their league. They don’t’ seem like the type to fight to the death for anything.

  4. The fights this side of the bracket are a little more one sided. The only one I debated about was Sly vs Crash. I think someone said its like Bugs vs Taz but Crash is not as dumb as Taz. Taz is like Hulk dumb. Crash is like Joey from Friends dumb. All that though and I’m still going Sly. He’s stealth skills would make him a great assassin.

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