GCRN WarZ – Episode 07 – Tournaments – 80s Cartoon Villains Part 2

In the return to the GCRN WarZ Tournament, we reveal the results of the first half of Round 1. Now the guys kick off the 2nd half of the 80’s Cartoon Villains Tournament. Join OptimusSolo, Steve/Megatron, TFG1Mike, and TV’s Mr. Neil as they debate. PLEASE VOTE!! Make your voice heard!! Only by voting can you be truly involved with the outcome of who advances in the tournament!! Feel free to comment and let us know who you think would win.





Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

TV’s Mr. Neil


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Steve "Megatron"

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    1. I NEVER hate on GoBots – I love GoBots – I also don’t consider myself a ‘transformers fanboy’ since I basically Love most of the 80s toons. This one though is a no brainer for megatron!

  1. This was a far more interesting side of the bracket Mon-star vs. Mumm-ra. The reflection weakness for Mumm-ra gives it to Mon-star. Miles vs. Big Boss I was excited about the M.A.SK.E.D mayhem podcast that I even tweeted you about it. Megatron better win 50-0 I don’t know how Cy-Kill is going to get a single vote nor should he Shredder yeah turtle love. Going back to last week Doc Terror just needed a better matchup I would have taken him over both mentioned in the second matchup last week definitely over Cy-kill lol. May I recommend an 80’s heroes tournament.

    1. MM The Podcast will return sometime this year, just to get that outta the way.

      80s Cartoon Heroes will happen, but after this we wanna do something completely different with the tourneys. You’ll have to wait and see what it is.

    2. After Mumm-Ra came back in the Mumm-Ra Lives mini-series which introduced the Luna-Tacs, he overcame the reflection weakness and it no longer effected him. In fact, he handed the Thundercats their ass for most of the entire second half of the series and the Sword Of Omens saved them in the last 45 seconds of many episodes from their on out. So I’m sorry my friend, but you are very wrong. Mumm-Ra FTW. :)

          1. awesome!!!! yeah I have subtly been asking certain celebs if they’d RT on Twitter or share on Fb lol

  2. CyKill vs Megatron is a fucking Joke. Mike is right a Cannon to the head Bamn. Mumm Ra well he’s ever living. The only real defeat is if The Ancient Spirits of Evil take away his powers

  3. 80’s cartoon shredder sucked compared to 2002 Shredder. So sadly Tex…..

    1. But compared to Tex Hex 80s Shredder wins out hands down. We aren’t talking Shredder V Shredder here lol

  4. Mon-Star because, as you said, Mumm-Ra will see his own reflection in Mon-Star’s shiny metal body suit and shrivel up into his weaker form. Mon-Star with his brute force would overpower Mumm-Ra. Unfortunate since I like Mumm-Ra more, but so it goes.

    I’m choosing Big Boss to beat Miles Mayhem. Why? Because Miles can’t hold on to anything useful that fits into his hands. Plus, Big Boss will play dirty and get his henchmen involved, which I feel gives him the advantage.

    Megatron. Need I say more?

    Tex-Hex takes down Shredder in an upset. It is a tournament afterall and you have a few upsets in the first round. Just don’t expect ole Hexy to be around for long.

    1. Thanks for commenting Tim!!! ShredHead would retro mutagen tex!!!!!! Shredder all the way.

  5. In round three I’d like to see Flintheart Glomgold vs Reggie (Richie Rich), because both are wealthy and will lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top. Also I believe both have tired to use time travel to ruin their competition…

    1. Round 3 will feature the winners from the previous rounds here. There are no more additional characters for this tournament. Also, those you mentioned would be in a different topic since this tournament was for action cartoons from the 80s. We will have more tournaments than just 1 per year though so hang tight.

  6. You know the Reggie Flintheart would be a vol 2 after this tournament becomes successful. Figured I put in a request for next years.

  7. I honestly don’t understand why Megatron is doing so well. Are people not factoring in his over inflated Ego, or that Starscream will inevitably screw him over? This thing is rigged. Probably by Megs himself which, like all of his plans, will backfire in the final round. Lol

    1. Nice take, but you are thinking as if this was Megatron Vs Optimus. This is a one on one battle between Megatron (Superior) and Cykill (Inferior) While G1 Megs did not have many of his battle plans succeed, he was very vicious in what his schemes actually were.

      Look at The Ultimate Doom three parter! He brought Cybertron to Earth nearly destroying the planet!!!!! Cykill never did anything that gruesome. Even putting my gobutts hate aside, and watching a few eps to prep for this, Cykill never had any real plans, that were evil or that actually worked.

      The other thing is that in a physical battle megatron has size and power over cykill, all cykill can do is turn into his big wheel bike form and run away… Megatron would bitch slap him with that fusion cannon on his arm, then make him taste cold steel!!!!

  8. I’m picking Skeletor vs Megatron for the final! But for this round I actually went with you guys. Although I’d pick Big Boss to take out Miles Mayhem, just because I imagine him being able to lay down a swift smackdown. But if the battle lasted longer than 5 mins he’d probably have a heart attack.

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