GCRN WarZ – Episode 08 – Tournaments – 80s Cartoon Villains Quarters

In the return to the GCRN WarZ 80s Cartoon Villains Tournament, we reveal the results of Round 2. Then we hear Mike The Birdman Dodd’s predictions on the Quarter Finals. After which TFG1Mike, Steve/Megatron, and TV’s Mr. Neil debate the 4 battles in the Quarter final round. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PODCAST, VOTE, and COMMENT!!! 




Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

TV’s Mr. Neil

Mike “The Birdman” Dodd


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. I voted for King Zarkon…because after seeing that He Man She Ra Xmas cartoon…it’s been years but Zarkon or Hordak would’ve killed that poor alien puppy in front of those kids and then handed their asses to them…Zarkon as I recall had no remorse. Venger Vs Cobra? Gotta go with Cobra…he doesn’t rely on magic, plus since Duengon Master and Venger are father and son…and I believe the kids were brought I to the world to be tested and try to reform Venger…Nah once again Cobra is pure evil in man or snake form Coobraaaaaaaaaaaa….Mumm Ra…Nuff said…Megatron vs Shred Head. Well Shredder could use his suit to try to hack into Megatrons metal and try to rewire his circuits…but I believe that you have to be a level 5-7 intellect to try to reprogram Megatron…No all hail the might of Megatron.

    1. You cannot judge skeltor on one shitty ep. Agree with Cobra, and Mumm-Ra, but megatron is wayyyyyyyyy bigger then shreddder…. remember in the cartoon Optimus could hold spike in his HAND… so all megs has to do is step on shredder.

      1. Yeah, you can’t just judge Skeletor negatively based on one episode. You have an whole 65-episode to do that.

        Personally, I think it would have been more interesting had Skeletor met Venger at this point in the tournament. Whoever does a face-turn first loses.

  2. I think it’s gonna come down to Zarkon Vs Megatron…and didn’t King Zarkon turn into a Robeast at one point? Boom…Money shot right there……..that’s gonna be a fight.

  3. I gotta say that I can easily see Zarkon and Venger pulling off upsets against Cobra and Skeletor. The left side of the bracket I can just see going either way. As for the right side of the bracket, Mumm-Ra easily defeats Miles Mayhem. In fact if Mumm-Ra beat Mon-Star than I have to say he has a great chance to go all the way. As for Shredder vs Megatron…Yea, ultimately I say Megatron wins this battle but I think it would be much closer than most people are going to consider.

  4. I see it going down this way:

    1) Skeletor taking down Zarkon because one he is more a fan favorite. Two he is a mystical badass with a little man complex. Zarkon is a throne dweller.

    2) Venger could win but more people like Cobra Commander. Plus he has all these awesome toys, military and can inflict more overall damages.

    3) Mumm-Ra is going to mop Miles Mayhem, just saying.

    4) Megatron easily squishes Shredder. Besides that, he can lift the Technodrome and destroy it. Mousers are like human dogs to Megatron. Again Megatron wins.

  5. I think people are underestimating the power of Miles Mayhem’s mustache. I mean that thing has Sam Elliot girth to it. Mumm-Ra will be so taken back by its sheer awesomeness he’ll just fold up and walk away.

    1. Maybe if Miles Mayhem does an Earthquake senton splash, ala John Tenta, he might take out Mumm-Ra, but i wouldn’t count on it.

  6. Loving these discussions guys! But I think there should have been a few ground rules layed down at the start. Becuse I’m unsure if Cobra Commander/Miles Mayhem have all their resouces or is it just a case of 1 on 1 battle a la street fighter styles.
    Any way, I’m picking Skeletor, as he’s such a bad ass in my eyes (I can’t stand filmation and ignore that version of him)
    Then assuming Cobra Commander doesn’t have his army behind him then I’d give that one to Venger. He’s scary as shit!
    Mumm-Ra would take out Miles Mayhem in record time.
    And finally I think Shredder would last longer than most give him credit for, but ultimately Megatron would disintergrate him. Possibly keep his helmet as a souvineer.

    1. I think we have said in the beginning that it is one on one, but as you pointed out most of these villains would end up using their armies.

        1. yes i understand that, but we have mentioned in the episodes the resources some of these villains might use to cheat and win. But I agree I have been looking at it as one on one.

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