GCRN WarZ – Episode 09 – Tournaments – 80s Cartoon Villains – Semi Finals


We have reached the Semi-Finals here in the 80s Cartoon Villain Tourney. Sit back, and listen in as Steve/Megatron, OptimusSolo, TV’s Mr. Neil, Birdman Dodd, and TFG1Mike talk about these semi final battles!!! PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PODCAST, VOTE, and COMMENT!!! 



Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

TV’s Mr. Neil

Mike “The Birdman”


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. I can’t believe Venger lost to Skeletor, unless you count that unproduced episode on the DVD where Venger and Duengon Master were father and son…then maybe…Mumm Ra vs Megatron…it’s simple Mumm Ra depends on magic and the ancient spirits of evil. Take that away from him and that’s it. Megatron never made a deal with the devil unless you count Unicron and that’s because Megatron was forced into it. He’s not a bumbling idiot or a clown like a good majority of the villains. I predict it’ll come down to Cobra Vs Megatron. Kind of a Starscream – easque Megatron battle and there were Transformers Vs GI Joe comics in the 80’s as I recall…Bottom line Keep Calm all hail Megatron…

    1. Well it was Skeletor vs King Zarkon not Venger. Venger was vs Cobra Commander. Also I too agree it’ll end up Cobra Commander vs Megatron if Skeletor doesn’t take it away. But still I can see that.

  2. Since I haven’t experienced the full gi joe world, I’ve got to give this one to skeletor, plus he made the transition to live action much better.
    And for my second vote, it’s f*#king megatron, what else can I say

  3. Excellent question, to take away the Ancient spirits of evil…destroy MumRass casket, or The ancient spirits of evil were tried of Mumm Ra failing to destroy the Thndercats…or destroy good. They could just go away. At least there was an Ep where the ancient spirits banished Mumm Ra after his constant failing for a short time. Megatron can be defeated but somehow come back…with an upgrade…Hello…Galavatron. To destroy Megatron you have to remove the spark from the body.

    1. GALVATRON WAS NOT MEGATRON!! Sorry, had to get that off of my chest. Anywho, you are explaining how throughout time the spirits of evil could leave – this is in the now, in a one-on-one battle. Megatron can do nothing to take Mumm-Ra’s magic away. There are a hundred ways to beat Megatron…but Mumm-Ra is the ever living who for all we know CANNOT be killed. Mumm-Ra is less known and popular granted but people are not giving him enough credit in this battle.

      1. MEGATRON IS GALVATRON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Astrotrain even said so in S3!!! Sorry I HAD to get that off my chest!!

        The way I think of Megs/Galvy in G1 is that it’s the same thing that happened in the Cybill Shepard/Robert Downey Jr film Chances Are… RDJ’s character got a a second chance to go back to earth, and a new body, but retained all his old memories. Because he ran off before they could erase them.

        So with Megatron and Galvatron it’s the same thing new body same evil soul!!!

        1. In a series full of questionable continuity, the most consistently supported piece of lore from G1 is that Megatron IS Galvatron. I honestly don’t know why anyone would question this. It’s not like it’s conjecture. Like Blanchard says, the characters basically say so.

          Not only does Astrotrain say it, but Optimus Prime does too. He said, “I know you too well, Galvatron.” What other scenes have these two shared? Is Optimus Prime just wrong? Is Astrotrain wrong? I don’t think so.

          You have to understand that these are story-telling devices to inform the viewer, explained through casual dialogue. And you can’t just fall back on the unreliable protagonist or the unreliable narrator, because you actually have to make a case for that.

          I understand that G1 continuity is wonky, but this is one case where G1 actually sticks to its guns. It’s never wavered from the idea that Megs and Galvatron are one guy.

          Why are we right to assume this? Because Unicron says so. Unicron offers Megatron a new body in exchange for his services. Why would he even need to make a deal with Megatron when he can just reformat him into an entirely new character?

          Or more to the point, why does he even need to summon Megatron? If he can make a new character from scratch, he could have just made Galvatron from whatever debris he had from the planets he’s eaten.

          But most importantly of all, Galvatron says so. Throughout the movie, Galvatron is making references to stuff he said earlier as Megatron. He says, “I will crush you with my bear hands” as both characters. He says “Here’s a hint.” when Starscream asks if he’s Megatron. And he basically takes credit for killing both Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime in the same breath as he’s choking Hot Rod.

          Again, these are character-writing devices to inform the audience. They’re not throw-away lines that can be reinterpreted for a fan theory. If you do this, then you’re begging the question.

          Also, I’m still not sure why you casually dismissed the movie during the podcast, Kevin, since the movie is the linchpin between two seasons and arguably the most important event in the entire chronology of the show.

          Now, on the contrary, Galvatron does refer to Megatron in the third person, but in context, it doesn’t contradict that they’re the same character.

          In the commentary, Flint Dille is referring to Megatron and Galvatron as though they are one character. He wrote the movie.

          It’s so overwhelmingly supported, that I am utterly baffled that anyone would argue that Megatron and Galvatron are different characters. It’s just not true.

          1. Wasn’t aware that I ‘dismissed the movie’ It is probably my favorite part of the entire franchise. Confused…

          2. It’s around the 1:02.25. I said, there are lines in the movie that support that they’re the same guy, and you said, “No no, I’m talking about in the series.” And that’s approximately where I wrinkled by nose.

          3. OK then Samantha! you can’t be wrinkling your nose, and make things appear! LOL

          4. I thought she wiggled her nose…or at least tried to. That’s what the “tinky-tinky” sound effect was meant to imply, I thought.

            Haven’t you ever made a confused expression that makes your nose wrinkle up?

          5. I prefer the raised eyebrow method, but back on track!!! Megatron shall defeat mumm ra!

          6. I think we’re all salivating to see Megatron go up against Cobra Commander. Will Megatron’s fusion canon claim another 80s villain? Will Cobra Commander attempt an alliance with Starscream to defeat Megatron? And at that end, maybe they’ll also acquire the services of D’Compose.

            It’ll be Megatron versus the Legion of Lattas!!!

          7. As for your other TF points – I agree 100% with everything you say except on the Galvatron/Megatron but I think you are not understanding what I am saying exactly. I will try to explain at a later time but for me it’s how you define ‘same character’ I guess. Other than that I agree with your other points and like you always try to analyze what the story tells me and not what fan theories/apologists could explain away.

            That being said – I am hoping against all hope that we don’t see Cobra Commander in the finals. I want Skeletor vs Megatron/Mumm-Ra!!

          8. By the way, no time to respond in detail at the moment – but I will as soon as I get the chance. In the end though let’s not try to pass either of our OPINIONS off as facts here. This is one of those timeless debates in TF fandom and none can ever be proven as the end all be all answer to the debate. I will provide my side if you would like to discuss this as open-minded individuals defending their opinions. However if you are going to try to make this as a ‘fact…you’re wrong and I’m right’ discussion then let’s not go there. I just don’t want this to become a personal attack by either of us which in my history is what debates with you seem to usually spiral into. In the end these are simply both of our opinions.

          9. The one thing I will say is that Neil is right about the fact that Flint Dille did say in the commentary on the 2007 20th Anniversary DVD that Megs/Galvy, were written as the same character.

            So believe in the guy who wrote it. LOL

          10. Funny you should bring him up. I just asked him five minutes ago, and he said yes, Megatron and Galvatron are the same character.

            Yes, I suppose it’s a dirty, rotten, sneaky thing to do, going to ask the guy who wrote the story what he meant when he wrote the story. But I kinda think that counts for something. Mweeheehee!

          11. Okay, but you guys got a forum, right? Put it in there.

            But I’m going to cut you off there and say that this is not about fan theories to me. G1 Is not a solid continuity by any means, As with my Star Wars thing, my perspective is one from literary analysis, and I argue these things not to prove that the meaning is what it is but to show what is the most likely intent of the author based on the way he structures the story, which it this case is going to largely be the movie.

            I don’t think you really understood this last time and that was the source of a lot of my frustration. I don’t ever intend to show that there is only one way the story can be interpreted In fact, the only correct assumption with G1 is that there isn’t one, because entire episodes are contradictory and impossible to reconcile unless you start making stuff up.

            This is the approach of a folklorist. A folklorist doesn’t try to establish a correct canon.

            One good example in the TF franchise is the origin of the Constructicons, which is obviously contradictory between two different episodes. One says they were created on Earth. Another says they were turned evil in a terrible flashback episode involving Omega Supreme. Some fans conclude that the Heavy Metal Wars version must have meant that they were REBUILT on, which is clearly not what they said in the episode.

            Of course you can build your own view of how to reconcile continuity glitches such as this, but that’s not the point. I have my own view on how to reconcile this, but I freely admit that it’s only my perspective. I would still argue that there is no correct answer, because at face value, the two episodes contradict.

            I make contextual arguments, and I’ll argue for what is most likely the case given what the context of the story is. And I’ll argue heavily that, as much as many things in G1 don’t make sense, one of the few things that is consistently supported is Megatron and Galvatron being one character, and I’ll show why it doesn’t even have to compete with an alternate theory. It’s really the only theory.

  4. SORRY…guys I hope I didn’t mean to put any gasoline on the fire…I’m going more on memory on old eps than favoritism….for me magic vs science I always felt that magic has a price and that you shouldn’t just depend on it….but I respect all the opinions, thoughts, on Geekcast…Megatron vs Mumm Ra? It could be a tie…it’s hard for either to really go down….unless you cover Mumm Ras mouth before he wants to transform into Mumm Ra…which happened Ina season one Ep….I’m glad that I’m seeing Mumm Ra vs Megatron I wish there is a video game…oh wait it’s called Mugen…if you can still download it…Mummm Ra vs Megatron….it’s…it’s…gonna be more than a five minute one side of a fist fight…so sorry didn’t mean to bash, attack, Kevin, Mike, Steve, Mike, or T.V.’s Mr Neil. This tournament got…interesting….

  5. You know, if Megatron wins this, you guys are going to get a ton of crap.

    Anyway, I’m taking Skeletor and Mumm-Ra for the wins. Basically, Cobra Commander is at the mercy of Skelator’s magic. Likewise, Megatron has his canon (oh, and he is a gun), and size, plus he can throw a punch, but Mumm-Ra is powerful. Using his magic and power, Mumm-ray deflects all of Megatron’s blasts, and renders him defenseless before being defeated.

  6. Again, Megatron will fall to Mumm-Ra. Everyone seems hung up on Megatron having a big canon and he’s metal. I just don’t see these playing to his advantage against Mumm-Ra at all. Mumm-Ra will use his magic to deflect any blasts that Megatron throws his way. And I don’t see Megatron getting close enough to land any punches, and even if he did, I don’t see it taking out Mumm-Ra in one punch, Dodd. :) And even in his weaker form, Mumm-Ra isn’t a helpless dote. He still has magic on his side; he just isn’t the more powerful hulking beast of his more menacing form. Kevin brought up many good points, particularly that Mumm-Ra is the ever-living. I still don’t think Megatron is going to take down Mumm-Ra when Mumm-Ra can use numerous techniques to deflect any blasts or punches, which is really all Megatron has. He’s metal, so Mumm-Ra can just fry him with lightning bolts summoned from the sky for crying out loud. Don’t get me wrong, I love Megatron too, but I can’t look at this objectively and see it ending any other way. Also, Skelator vs Mumm-Ra makes a helluva lot more interesting finale.

    1. Even with our opinions in the podcasts, it all comes down to who clicks what name to vote on. Sadly I am thinking most will go for megatron….. As far as us getting flack if megatron wins… That can’t happen, because outside of the 5 podcast hosts there are 30 something other votes. So the people decided these battles not just the GCRN staff.

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