GCRN WarZ – Episode 11 – Tournaments – 80s Cartoon Villains – Champion Roundup

The finals are over, the battlefield is scattered with vanquished foes! In Episode 11 of WarZ we find out who the Champion is of the 80s Cartoon Villains Tournament. Join OptimusSolo, Steve/Megatron, TFG1Mike, TV’s Mr. Neil, and Birdman as they discuss why the champion is the champion. Then we reveal the next few eps of the podcast, and give you info on how you can affect our next tourney choice! 



Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

TV’s Mr. Neil

Mike “The Birdman”


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Just so I get this straight, you’re not biased, and you let the fans decide, but because the voting was so close, Steve went out to a TF fan board or whatever to corral TF fans to vote, not for who they think would win, but for Megatron specifically? You might as well have voted numerous times yourselves. There’s no point having an unbiased tournament if this is going to be the result. Don’t get me wrong, I like TF, and I like Megatron. Perhaps he would have won anyway. It’s just the fact that you spent so much time saying, “the fans will decide” blah blah blah, yet you go out of your way to pull in TF fans to vote for Meg-head. But did anyone post anything to corral He-Man fans? And don’t say that any fan could have done that. The fact that one of the GCRN crew did it shows your bias and really makes your argument of “anyone could have done it” moot. No one outside of the GCRN would have even known who was winning the votes. Besides, even posting something to He-Man fans would’ve been unfair, but at least somewhat balanced. So for the earlier tournaments, fans who actually probably listened to the podcasts and understood that they were supposed to vote on who they think would actually win in a battle, are silenced by those who vote simply based on which character they like the most. I’m disappointed. Hopefully the next tournament can avoid these issues.

    1. It wasn’t steve it was me. I went to TeamBotimus…. I asked him to post about it thinking that he wouldn’t be biassed… it brought in tons of traffic for the site, but it lopsided the voting for megatron. In the future I won’t be asking him.

      The people still had a choice on which to click. We didn’t and couldn’t control that.

      In Steve’s defense on who know the voting… he never told us privately until the night we recorded this. So only he knew who was winning.

      I promoted the hell outta this tournament, and even without Optibotimus’s help we only got like 20-40 votes… minus the given ten for GCRN crew that still means the people voted the way they wanted to. Everytime I posted about voting, or asked for RT’s on twitter in general NO OnE ever RTed me or the main GCR twitter.

      I asked specific people for RTs and they graciously did…….

      I posted this thing to everyone not just TF fandom…. and honestly there was very little support as far as anyone outside the GCRN staff and fans circle.

      1. Okay. I misunderstood who it was, and it sounded like due to the closeness of the voting you sought to pull in more TF support for Megatron. Still, I think the end result was that you got a lot of TF fans voting for Megatron because they were pulling for him. Had you put out the call to fans to vote when the tournament began, making it clear to vote for who you think would win in a battle, and not just voting for a favorite, that would have been more acceptable.

        1. I agree that this was an unfortunate occurrence but I did send out tweets to a few of the more well-known He-Man sites etc they just apparently didn’t show up to vote in enough numbers to matter. Having these things turn into popularity contests is never the desire and is unfortunate but at the same time unavoidable. I wish people would look at things objectively but unfortunately especially when dealing with cartoon fandoms the immaturity seems to always trump the objectivity.

          1. LOL I find it hilarious in iTunes and on the site everyone thinks I did something but I didn’t, it was Mike. Anyhow I was pulling for Megatron the whole time. That being said, I never went to anyone other than RT the content overall. I tried not to let the others know too to keep it lopsided in the polls. I did root for a majority of powers throughout but I am sorry, Skeletor or Cobra shouldn’t have made it against Megatron and Mumm-Ra. Anyhow it was a learning experience and the next one shouldn’t be a nostalgia battle as much as these. Thanks for keeping us accountable though as we do love that fact of all our friends out there and you Tim.

        2. “Had you put out the call to
          fans to vote when the tournament began, making it clear to vote for who you
          think would win in a battle, and not just voting for a favorite, that would
          have been more acceptable.”

          WE DID DO THIS!!!! Every single post I ever made advertising this thing from the beginning stated Who wins in a one on one battle!!!! Go to the GCRN FB page click view posts by page, scroll to when we started this thing!!! you’ll see that I NEVER posted anything biassed towards one character or another!

  2. I truly believe that all the hosts involved with the podcasts in the tournament were mostly objective, and only a tad biassed. But there are certain times megatron v cykill….. regardless of my hatered for gobots in general, there would be no way cykill could ever defeat megatron.

    monstar v mumm ra welll we all picked monstar because at the time we just chalkewd it up to show mumm ra his reflection and boom he is defeated.

    For me personally I never went in with just the GEE WUN attitude of hey this is the more popular character. I went analyzing each combatant. And whomever I voted for in the podcast was who I voted for in the poll… I did not, nor do I ever want our tourneys to be looked at as one sided or padded, or rigged.

    I hope everyone enjoyed this journey with us, and I look forward to whatever the next tourney is.

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