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Today on Episode 175 of the Cinema Geeks …..we continue the Kevin Smith retrospective with a review of Clerks 2! See if the Geeks think that the sequel lives up to the original or not. Also, the gang reveal the poll winner for our next film series! Listen in to see if they will be talking about AFI’s Top 100 films, Silent Films, Non-Miyazaki Anime Films or Westerns!

On “Altered Geek,” Steve is joined with Mike the Birdman Dodd to discuss their thoughts on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel “Dimensions in Danger,” and the 25th Anniversary of the show. Following that the guys discuss some of their toy collections and we tried a new segment on create a film. We start with “8 Bit Heroes,” “Puppet Work,” and “Future Shock 1942.” All this and more on Altered Geek!

In Episode 200 of MWIRE TFG1Mike and Steve Megatron reminisce over the last NINE YEARS of the podcast. Thanking everyone who ever listened to even a minute of this show, talking about the inception of the podcast, all the co hosts we had, going over our favorite episodes we produced, and so much more. We even have a DELOREAN TIME segment where you can hear clips from old MWIRE episodes. Our film reels might have run out on this show, but we’ll be back with  A BRAND NEW FEATURE soon! Keep those film reels rollin’ folks, and MWIRE thanks you! 

On “Altered Geek,” Steve is joined by TFG1Mike to discuss multitude of topics from Toys R Us and Geoffrey the Giraffe Being Gone Forever, DC Universe’ Service & App, Mike finally sees “The Last Jedi,” Our Summer TV Thoughts, Patrick Stewart and Star Trek Return situation, and what we’ve been up to this week. All this and more on Altered Geek!

On “Altered Geek,” Steve is solo to discuss multitude of topics from his situation lately, new Star Trek Series Announcements, Struggles of Building a New PC, Being an OG Podcaster and the Conflict of RSS Feeds as well as other associated website post feedback. All this and more on Altered Geek!

On “Altered Geek,” Steve and Birdman Dodd discuss their concepts, what they’re working on and what plans they have in their podcasts and various hobbies therein. 

On “Altered Geek,” Steve and Birdman Dodd discuss their thoughts on the latest series of mergers, among them being Hasbro purchasing the Power Rangers and what that means. Also we discuss the possibilities of the Sprint and T-Mobile merger. Tune in and here our thoughts and sound off with yours.

On “Altered Geek,” Steve and TFG1Mike discuss their thoughts and spoilers on the new Marvel film, “Avengers: Infinity War.” They give their likes, dislikes and thoughts about it’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On “Altered Geek,” Steve talks about, “Universal Translator Exists, Experience Virtual Death, Windows 10 Spring Update, & GCRN Changes.” 

On “Altered Geek,” Steve talks about the a topic suggested by Scanner 51 asking, “Why Don’t Comic Films Bring People Into The Comic Shops Anymore?”