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Let's get this out of the way right now. This list is wrong. Although I try to be as objective as possible when putting it together there is no way to make it completely void of my subjective opinion. So why do this? For one

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marvel and IDW to Create New Comic Books For the Next Generation of Readers The new comic book line featuring Spider-Man, The Avengers, and Black Panther will be available starting this November SAN DIEGO, CA AND NEW YORK, NY (July 17, 2018) – Marvel Entertainment and IDW

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A lot to talk about in the world of comics this week. We of course have the wedding of the Bat and the Cat along with a handful of new titles from Marvel and Dark Horse. Before that though Dan dives into the recommendation of the week: Immortal Hulk #2 by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett.

This week’s rundown:

(00:01:39) Immortal Hulk #2
(00:08:33) Quantum Age #1
(00:12:55) Lowlifes #1
(00:16:51) Batman #50
(00:26:17) Catwoman #1
(00:28”37) Man of Steel #6
(00:31:56) Captain America #1
(00:35:23) Deadpool #2
(00:37:58) Cosmic Ghost Rider #1
(00:40:54) Doctor Stage #3
(00:44:09) Star Wars #50
(00:47:15) Sword Daughter #2
(00:50:32) Death or Glory #3
(00:53:40) Judge Dredd Under Siege #2
(00:56:40) Outro

On “Altered Geek,” Steve is solo to discuss multitude of topics from his situation lately, new Star Trek Series Announcements, Struggles of Building a New PC, Being an OG Podcaster and the Conflict of RSS Feeds as well as other associated website post feedback. All this and more on Altered Geek!

With April now over it is time to take a look back at the month that was in comics. I countdown what I feel were the best issues of the month that are worth your time and money. First and foremost this is simply my list

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After missing last week I’m back with a super-packed episode highlighted by this week’s Recommendation of the Week – American Alien – An Alien in New York #2. Many other big titles to talk about as  Marvel’s Fresh Start continues with Venom #1 and Justice League starts its next major event with No Justice #1. Plenty of licensed books this week as well covering properties like Robocop and Star Trek

This week’s rundown:

(00:01:35) Resident Alien – An Alien in New York #2

(00:08:56) Venom #1

(00:15:30) Exiles #3

(00:18:47) Hunt for Wolverine – Adamantium Agenda #1

(00:22:39) Despicable Deadpool #300

(00:25:58) Domino #2

(00:28:04) Star Wars – The Last Adaptation #1

(00:30:18) Batman White Knight #8

(00:34:05) Justice League – No Justice #1

(00:40:16) Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #43

(00:42:16) Analog #2

(00:45:22) Barrier #1 & #2

(00:53:12) Isola #2

(00:54:58) Oblivion Song #3

(00:59:01) Southern Bastards #20

(01:02:43) Fraggle Rock #1

(01:04:24) Robocop Citizens Arrest #2

(01:07:15) Star Trek – The Next Generation – Through the Mirror #2

(01:09:24) World of Tanks II – Citadel #1

(01:11:37) Calexit #3

(01:14:33) Outro

It is one of the biggest weeks in comics in some time and leading the way is what will easily be the biggest comic book of the year Action Comis #1000. We are celebrating all things Superman but does it measure up to the Man of Steel’s legacy? That’s only the beginning as we also have a double dose of Batman with Batman #45 and Batman: Creature of the Night #3. Also Black Hammer makes its long-awaited return, the Infinity Countdown is underway, Amazing Spider-Man is going down swinging, and James Bond and John Wick are doing what they do best. All that and more on this week’s episode.

This week’s rundown:

(00:01:26) Action Comics #1000

(00:09:52) Superman #45

(00:12:51) Batman: Creature of the Night #3

(00:17:12) Batman #45

(00:19:37) Mister Miracle #8

(00:22:42) Damage #4

(00:25:34) Deathbed #3

(00:28:12) Infinity Countdown #2

(00:30:52) Amazing Spider-Man #799

(00:33:36) Avengers #689

(00:36:40) Black Hammer Age of Doom #1

(00:39:24) James Bond: The Body #4

(00:42:00) John Wick #2

(00:44:05) Antar: The Black Knight #1

(00:47:36) Her Infernal Descent #1

(00:50:24) Infinity 8 #2

(00:52:47) Infidel #2

(00:55:12) Skyward #1

(00:57:45) The Ballad of Sang #2

(01:00:22) Outro

On this week’s show I am excited to speak with Mark Russell writer of The Flintstones, Prez, Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles and the upcoming Judge Dredd ‘Under Siege’ series. We talk about what brought him into the world of comics and what it is like writing characters like the Flintstones and Judge Dredd. We also talk about Mark’s first novels God’s Disappointed in You and Apocrypha Now. 

Make sure to follow Mark on Twitter @ManRuss

It was a week of new beginnings as a lot of series were starting new arcs and we also saw the start of some promising new series. We take a look at it all including a review of the Recommendation of the Week: Astro City #51.

This week’s rundown:

(00:01:26) Astro City #51

(00:07:09) Green Arrow #39

(00:11:30) Batman White Knight #7

(00:16:13) Batman #44

(00:18:53) Curse of Brimstone #1

(00:22:52) All New Wolverine #33

(00:26:06) Amazing Spider-Man #798

(00:30:25) The Punnisher #223

(00:33:19) The New Mutants: Dead Souls #2

(00:37:05) Marvel Two in One #5

(00:40:38) InCognegro Renaissance #3

(00:44:25) Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Tomorrow #2

(00:48:14) Analog #1

(00:53:01) Isola #1

(00:57:35) Demi-God #1

(01:00:00) Wrestlemania Special 2018

(01:04:11) Outro

It is a big week of comics as Doomsday Clock makes its return and Dark Nights: Metal finally comes to its end. A lot to talk about this week including same massive action set pieces and this week’s Recommendation of the Week: Highest House #2.

This week’s rundown:

(00:01:45) The Highest House #2

(00:08:32) Doomsday Clock #4

(00:16:09)  Dark Night’s Metal #6

(00:19:16) Silencer #3

(00:20:54) Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Crop #41

(00:22:51) Jessica Jones #18

(00:26:22) Lockjaw #2

(00:28:48) Old Man Hawkeye #3

(00:31:35) Might Morphin’ Power Rangers #25

(00:34:15) Abobott #2

(00:36:00) X-O Manowar #13

(00:38:45) Shadowman #1

(00:41:07) Rough Riders: Ride or Die #2

(00:43:21) Outro