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Hello all you GCR listeners, and welcome to THE LALA LAND LOUNGE here inside GeekCast Radio. This will be an episodic segmented series, that from time to time will pop up. TFG1Mike will be your guide into the world of soundtrack releases from the epically awesome La La Land Records soundtrack company. In the 13th episode Mike gives his thoughts on the Graeme Revelle scored Titan A.E. If you’ve ever heard Mike talk about this film, you’ll know that it is one of his favorites, and that he had been waiting 15 years at the time for a full score release! So sit back, relax, and listen in as Mike gives you what he loves about this film, and the score from La La Land Records! As always “UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!”


Today on Episode 168 of the Cinema Geeks …..The geeks continue our look at the career of Kevin Smith with a review of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Is this giant piece of fan service or does it offer more to enjoy? We dive deep into that question as well as much more. 


Today on Episode 164 of the Cinema Geeks we continue our look at the career of Kevin Smith with a review of Dogma. How does it hold up after all these years? Is it nearly as controversial or did it ever deserve that moniker? We dive deep into that and much more in this week’s episode.


Sorry for the delay in this release as we were dealing with sickness with both people and computers. Luckily this episode is worth the wait. We are Gregless this week as he is off on super special assignment. Chuck and Dan hold down the fort as they review Jason Bourne and discuss DC’s rebirth. In the second half we have a grab bag of questions that include our favorite Superhero costumes and what comic characters we’d like to see on the big or small screen.