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On “Altered Geek,” Steve returns to Apple’s latest foray into podcast madness and control, suppressing podcasts in their market, Blue Microphones being purchase by Logitech, and other Podcasting News.

IMAGE EXPO 2018 ANNOUNCEMENTS REVEALED PORTLAND, OR, 02/21/2018 — The Image Expo keynote address, given by Publisher Eric Stephenson, reflected upon soaring sales increases over the course of 2017 for Image Comics and revealed the following new creator-owned project announcements for 2018. The keynote and announcements streamed

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Steve “Megatron” joins us this week on “All Things Transformers,” to ask where all the real news is. He also breaks down the latest in Bumblebee movie in John Cena’s character, listing the latest Transformers toys, and thing to come with, “The Beast Unleashed: Part 2” and what he’d like to see in the next Transformers Series.

2017 is here, and it’s a brand new year! Steve “Megatron” and  TFG1Mike recap a bunch of interesting news such as: Beast Wars, Masterpiece, Matrix Passing, Bayverse and giving opinions on some Transformers fan theories. So grab some energon drinks, sit back, relax, and listen to us talk Transformers! Only on All Things Transformers Version 3.0, Transform and Transcend!

Welcome to the revival of All Things Transformers v3.0! Here we are hoping to bring a different take to all the Transformers Discussions from week to week. This will not be a weekly show and it will be bi-weekly to monthly. This is the original Robots in Disguise Podcast of the GCRN. Join Steve Megatron and TFG1Mike as we bring in a diverse group of guests to talk Transformers with us.


On this week’s episode things are getting quite strange. We scour the news of the world to bring you some weird and interesting news stories. This week’s stories include how pizza can save your life, a real life transformers fight, and strange bodily fluids that body builders are using to build muscle. Before that we have a number of reviews to get to including DC and Superman Rebirth.(Warning: we do get into spoilers) the documentary The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, one of the best movies of the year so far The Lobster, and Greg gives his thoughts on Suits coming to an end.