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On “Altered Geek,” Steve is joined by TFG1Mike to discuss multitude of topics from Toys R Us and Geoffrey the Giraffe Being Gone Forever, DC Universe’ Service & App, Mike finally sees “The Last Jedi,” Our Summer TV Thoughts, Patrick Stewart and Star Trek Return situation, and what we’ve been up to this week. All this and more on Altered Geek!

On “Altered Geek,” Steve is solo to discuss multitude of topics from his situation lately, new Star Trek Series Announcements, Struggles of Building a New PC, Being an OG Podcaster and the Conflict of RSS Feeds as well as other associated website post feedback. All this and more on Altered Geek!

In Episode 197 of MWIRE TFG1Mike and Steve Megatron finally continue the Star trek film episodes!! This time we catch up with The Next Generation Films.  Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and your favorite beverage…. as we bring back the Movie Week In Review Sunday Matinee!!


On this week’s show we have plenty of TV and Movies to talk about. To start Dan gives his thoughts on Pete Holme’s Crashing. After that Chuck has watched Legion and wants to know why you haven’t. We then finish with a full review of Logan, which we all had very different opinions on. All that more on this week’s episode… 


This week Steve is joined by Doug of “Talkin Bout My Generation” podcast and The Ghost of TFG1Mike. We finish our discussion on school, and revisit memories of the early internet. From websites, pre-youtube era, games, experiences with tech and more we discuss it all. Following that we get into some school assignments for Steve’s college course, the new Wolverine film “Logan”, DC CW Television and more. This episode is action packed with great content.

All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.