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IN LOVING MEMORY OF STAN LEE! We recorded this before his passing, however we dedicate this episode to him. 

In Episode 330 of The Pull Bag Mike and JT return to the world of the Superior Spider-Man! We are finally covering the end of Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man. It’s all about THE GOBLIN WAR OF NATIONS! Jump inside The Pull Bag with us as we find out just what happens to Otto, Peter, and the rest of NYC!! As always Make Your Great Escape Into Comics!!!

In Episode 190 of GCR TFG1Mike, TV’s Mr. Neil, and JT from Saskatoon are giving you their thoughts and memories of Stan Lee! The Man created characters that we grew up with, he wrote, edited, and published comics…. He was the Cameo KING of all movies, not just the MARVEL ones. We reflect on Stan’s passing, and share some thoughts on how he influenced our lives.

It may be the fifth week of the month but that does not mean there are not some major books to talk about. Some of the best current series see their last issue released including this week’s Recommendation of the Week: Grass Kings #15 b Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins. Also, Brian Michael Bendis has his first full issue with DC and Doomsday Clock is once again ticking. All that and more.

This Weeks rundown:

(00:01:04) Grass Kings #15
(00:08:09) The Man of Steel #1
(00:12:20) Judge Dredd Under Siege #1
(00:16:08) Harbinger Wars 2 #1
(00:21:18) Quantum and Woody #6
(00:24:10) Amazing Spider-Man #800
(00:28:31) The Punisher #225
(00:30:53) Marvel 2 In One #6
(00:34:10) Doomsday Clock #5
(00:40:50) Batman: Prelude to the Wedding #1
(00:43:26) Aquaman Jabberjaw #1
(00:45:26) Supersons Dynomutt and the Blue Falcon #1
(00:47:36) Kill or Be Killed #19
(00:49:58) THe Last Siege #1
(00:51:37) Royal City #11
(00:53:42) We Are Danger #1
(00:56:13) Blackwood #1
(00:58:17) Abbott #5
(01:01:14) Outro


Today on Episode 171 of the Cinema Geeks …..we review the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War. MovieRevolt, OptimusSolo, HardCandiMandi and FridleyCent discuss this monumental film and debate if it lives up to all the hype that has been built over ten years and 18 previous films. Listen in to see if the Cinema Geeks are experiencing superhero film fatigue or simply ‘Geeking’ out with another record breaking blockbuster!

It was a week of new beginnings as a lot of series were starting new arcs and we also saw the start of some promising new series. We take a look at it all including a review of the Recommendation of the Week: Astro City #51.

This week’s rundown:

(00:01:26) Astro City #51

(00:07:09) Green Arrow #39

(00:11:30) Batman White Knight #7

(00:16:13) Batman #44

(00:18:53) Curse of Brimstone #1

(00:22:52) All New Wolverine #33

(00:26:06) Amazing Spider-Man #798

(00:30:25) The Punnisher #223

(00:33:19) The New Mutants: Dead Souls #2

(00:37:05) Marvel Two in One #5

(00:40:38) InCognegro Renaissance #3

(00:44:25) Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Tomorrow #2

(00:48:14) Analog #1

(00:53:01) Isola #1

(00:57:35) Demi-God #1

(01:00:00) Wrestlemania Special 2018

(01:04:11) Outro

Well it is another year and another Marvel relaunch. Despite the fact that Legacy was only a few months ago there is a lot to be excited about with this new slate of Marvel titles. There is a lot to keep up with so here

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Toon Beyond 2016 Pod Art #1In the 77th episode of ToonCast Beyond Eduardo joins TFG1Mike as this dynamic duo celebrate 25 Years of X-Men The Animated Series! We talk about Season 3’s plots, the voice cast, our favorite moments, and so much more. We want to be X-Ternally Yours, so become Time Fugitives with us, because we are here Till Death Do Us Part!! X-Puns rock! ToonCast’s AFTERTOONS are here! We are all about TOONS IN THE AFTERNOONS!! UNLEASH THE TOON IN YOU!

CinemaGEEKS2Today on Episode 142 of the Cinema Geeks …..Optimus Solo, MovieRevolt Dan, HardCandiMandi and Fridley Cent breakdown the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Find out if they think Spider-Man: Homecoming is on par or better than the previous two iterations we have seen. Is Homecoming the best superhero film of  a very crowded field in 2017? Tune in to find out with another episode of the Cinema Geeks!


Today on Episode 141 of the Cinema Geeks …..we take a look back at our first round of summer predictions for 2017 as we see who had the best feelings when it came to the May and June releases. Than we turn our attention to the continuation of  ‘blockbuster season’ as we make our box-office and rotten tomatoes predictions for all of the July and August releases. Tune in to see which Cinema Geek can see into the future the clearest!