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On “Altered Geek,” Steve is joined by Mike “The Birdman” Dodd from “This Week in Geek“to discuss their thoughts on Franchises and their soft rebooting within their original timeline with the original cast. We also discuss totally changing it up as well as the implications of nostalgia driving these series. All this and more on Altered Geek!

On this episode of “Altered Geek,” Steve “Megatron” is joined by TFG1 Mike to discuss the death of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, SDCC hopes, Spiderman Homecoming – Initial Thoughts, Clickbait Websites, Mask of Phantasm Remaster, Doctor Who changes, Chris Hemsworth’s comments on on James Bond as a female, Ignorant internet comments about comic changes, Kermit’s pessimism, Doctor Doom Film and Star Trek Online.


Last week we discussed the big 4 night DC TV crossover event Invasion! This week Steve and Mike are discussing The Flash’s mid-season finale and the trailers of Spider-Man, Transformers 5 and Cars 3 among other things on this shorter Altered Geek!

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AGU-PODCertainly times are a changing here in geekdom. A new Power Rangers movie, differing opinions of what should or shouldn’t be in geek media, a new Nintendo console harkening back to the cartridge days, a new Han Solo, Batman taking the reigns in the DCEU, Killing Joke as a Rated R film, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare vs Battlefield 5, and more. We get a little controversial with the latest news on Disney/Marvel be pressured to add in a particular “TYPE” of character(s) for their films and the pros and cons of that decision. No matter what excites you here Steve, Mike and Mike are on the case with our opinions on these topics. Stay tuned as well for TFG1 Mike’s La La Land Lounge segment. All this and more on another exciting episode of Altered Geek!


Show Segments Include: AGNN, Altered Gaming, Altered Opinions, Altered Reviews.

AGU-PODAltered Selections is where we get fully into some various segments. In AGNN we cover some X-Men, Nintendo NX, and Superheroes, as we move onto Altered Tech discussing the pros and cons of a Windows 10 upgrade. In Altered Apps we tell about the release of DragonFruit Geek Dating App. In Altered Opinions we are joined by TFG1 Mike and Birdman Dodd to talk about Patreon-like services, the NEW Tomb Raider and introduce the newest segment, the La La Land Lounge. All this and more on another exciting episode of Altered Geek!

John Takis Interview – Masters of the Universe Soundtrack

Show Segments Include: AGNN, Altered Tech, Altered Apps, Altered Opinions, Altered Reviews.

The Pull Bag Banner Art #2

In Episode 17 Of TPB, we tackle the next four Superior Spider-Man Issues. We explore just what happens when Ghost Peter disappears, and the future of Spider-Ock! So join TFG1Mike and JT From Saskatoon, as they talk the wall crawling hero of the Marvel Universe!