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On “Altered Geek,” Steve is joined by Mike “The Birdman” Dodd from “This Week in Geek“to discuss their thoughts on Franchises and their soft rebooting within their original timeline with the original cast. We also discuss totally changing it up as well as the implications of nostalgia driving these series. All this and more on Altered Geek!


Today on Episode 140 of the Cinema Geeks @CinemaGeekCast continue the journey through our personal Top 100 Films of All-Time with our 30-21 entries. Listen to @MovieRevolt @OptimusSolo @FridleyCent and @HardCandiMandi as they debate the merits of 90s comedies, get exposed to Matt’s favorite selections from Crappy Movie Nights and place a wager with each other for the remainder of the countdown.

CinemaGEEKS2Today on Episode 138 of the Cinema Geeks …..Optimus Solo and MovieRevolt Dan try to build the perfect Summer Blockbuster Festival. They each get five picks from five different genres and then turn it over to you to decide which festival you would attend. You can only attend one. Want to know which five films the Geeks settled on? Tune in to find out with another episode of the Cinema Geeks!

Steve Megatron converses on the content of this week’s geeky news. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cancelled By Nickelodeon and Rebooted, Big Bang Theory Renewed For Seasons 11 & 12, DuckTales Renewed For Season 2, Prison Break Season 6 In 2018?, ‘SNL’ WILL BRING A HISTORIC CHANGE, Turner, Fox And Viacom Team Up For New TV Measurement System, Netflix Shows Might Soon Look Different on Your Phone, Doctor Dolittle Reboot To Star Robert Downey Jr., Coming to America 2, Skydance Media Planning A Major ‘Terminator’ Announcement In 2017, ‘The Flash’ No Speedster Villain In Season 4, Michael Shannon The Frontrunner To Play Cable In DEADPOOL 2, ‘Justice League’ Trailer Will Land On Saturday, Wolverine’s Return Being Teased By Marvel, Concept art from next week’s Legends of Tomorrow, and more!


This week’s theme: Being  the Biggest Badass! Yes we are keeping our three year tradition going as we crown the 2016 Talking in Circles Badass champion. Before we get to that Greg and Dan give their thoughts on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, and Chuck is watching a ton of Netflix including the highly underrated Young Justice series.


This week’s theme: Chances. On this week’s episode we play a new favorite game “What are the chances” as we try our best to determine what the future of the geek world has in store. Before we get to that Greg has scratched a major movie off his list of shame, Dan has thoughts on a classic film starring a recently lost legend, and Chuck has a hidden gem for you to enjoy. We then finish the episode by discussing if CGI and if it is truly ruining today’s movies. 


Warning this episode may result in us having to give up our geek cards as me admit to infamous items in the world of geekdom that we have yet to read or watch. Before we get shameful we also discuss the recent news of Spider-Man joining the MCU, Dan gives his take on Better Call Saul, Greg has a under rated novel you should check out, and Chuck tells us about his first every trip to the Red Box. Things got kind of crazy this episode, and we also have news on how you can control an upcoming episode of TIC!