Android vs. iOS: Does It Really Matter?

The battle for the best operating system still goes on, with Android and iOS releasing new devices that exceeds their user’s expectations. But, the real question is – does it matter if you are using an Android or an iOS device? The answer is an astounding yes! Depending on your preferred experience in using the device, an Android or an iOS might work correctly for you. Here are the differences between the two that would influence your choice in choosing the right operating system:


Privacy has been a recurring issue for operating systems like Android and iOS. People are saying that they wanted more privacy, and through the years, the two largest operating systems have been working to make their products more secure. iOS, which is the operating system created by Apple, stated that they had worked tirelessly to keep the information of their customers private. They also limit what types of files are being sent to the cloud for backup. On the other hand, Google’s Android operating system is collecting as much information as it can to improve their services. Google admitted that they are collecting more private data, and they are cautious not to spill it out.


This has been an issue with Apple for years. They have developed their accessories and software programs that can only be used exclusively for their products. For example, people are now required to buy a separate Bluetooth headset manufactured by Apple after they removed the headphone jacks on their recent phone models. Google, on the other hand, is known for making their products compatible with any devices. More people love the compatibility offered by Google Android, and it makes transferring files less complicated. Google stated that they would keep on manufacturing products that are highly compatible with any devices to give their customers the convenience that they need.


Security has been a major issue for Google’s Android operating system, as more viruses and malware are created for these devices. One of the reasons why Android is plagued with viruses is because of their high compatibility with other devices. Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, receives fewer malware attacks. However, both operating systems are also threatened by hacking, and both are working hard to prevent any attacks against their systems.


App quality for Android devices is superior compared to their iOS counterparts. Because of the compatibility of the Android operating system to a lot of devices, developers can create a wide variety of applications. Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, restricts the developers from doing what they wanted.

Overall, it really is about preference. They each have great benefits and their own unique drawbacks. It’s best to do your research, try things out, and see which you like best. For more on technology and their updates, check out our other articles!


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