Cool Ways Technology Is Changing Fitness

Technology is changing everything about our world. The way you exercise is no different. Fitness tech can influence how, when and where you work out. Whether you’re heading out on a long-distance run or getting in a weight day at the gym, technological innovations can give you a better and more productive workout.

Smarter Workouts

It used to be that workout instructions were passed out in a one-size-fits-all way. Today, according to Dietitians of Canada, the combination of exercise science and big data can help you develop a plan that is specific for your goals. A weight-loss routine is different from a muscle-building workout, for example. In addition, devices that monitor your body during the workout make it easier to meet your goals. A heart monitor in a smartwatch can help you keep your heart rate in the proper zone for your fitness level when you are trying to stay in fat-burning mode.

Improve Motivation

Some people train best by themselves. However, many people can only be properly motivated by engaging their competitive side. According to My Fit Book, comparing yourself to others can help you motivate yourself by encouraging friendly competition. Social media networks can track your fitness goals and progress and generally make for a positive experience. By linking your exercise to social media, you can also find support in a community of people with similar goals. Remote connections allow you to take part in group classes from a distance. Your run on the treadmill becomes a road race where you can chase the avatars of people around the world doing a similar program.

Better Equipment

When you watch professional athletes, you can see what a difference the right equipment makes. Innovations in material science and improvements in design precision have led to equipment that enhances athletic performance. Running shoes are lighter than ever while still giving the support you need. Modern swimwear is made to minimize resistance. Cycling gear cuts through the air with a minimum of friction. Every piece of new equipment at your gym has features that make it more precise and interactive. Some equipment can pair with your smart device to help you log your workout and observe your performance over time. Other equipment can help you improve your form, making the exercise more effective.

Even though technology can enhance your workouts, you still have to do the work. Thankfully, equipment that motivates you to work out can be a big help in reaching your fitness goals. Taking advantage of fitness tech can make you a stronger, healthier person.

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