How Software as a Service Is Taking Over the Video Game Industry

Online games have become a bigger industry in modern days. These games are swallowing people’s evenings and most of their weekends. The bad or good news is that this is just the beginning. These games are here to stay. Although entertaining and addictive, online games have additional requirements that put pressure on developers. Failure to meet these requirements may result in angry players. To retain the viability of your game using powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) tools has become necessary. Here are just a few examples of how SaaS has begun taking over the video game industry.

Software Development Road Map

The move towards integrated software as a service framework in gaming and game development has led to the adoption of comprehensive road maps in the industry. In road maps, you define your game development goals and deliverables. You will also prepare a strategic plan outlining the primary steps that you will use to reach these goals. In-game designing, the software road map has become an essential tool in attaining both long term and short term goals. The road maps are used by game developers from ideation to prototype creation and validation, development for user interface design and deployment. The SaaS products allow feedback in game development before development and deployment.

Minimum Viable Product

The minimum viable game describes the minimum game experience that you are expected to build for people to be assured that your core game mechanics are functional and engaging. MVP is vital in testing your game in the real world. The incorporation of SaaS and MVP is essential in the testing phase. SaaS allows real market exposure of an MVP of a game. This is because, in reality, the gaming industry has many different build factors such as competition, economics, and trending genre. This exposure helps in building an interactive cycle in game development.

Gaming Anywhere

The new SaaS frameworks being used in gaming will allow you to stream gaming media online on any device. This software renders the 3D games in the cloud servers, then encode them and allow instant streaming. In Building games, these cloud platforms provide design environments that are extensible, reconfigurable, and portable.

SaaS may have been a business thing, but the increase in cloud capabilities rendering games online has been made easy. These platforms allow the development of MVP for games and test it in real-world conditions online on the Game as a Service platform.


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