Is it Really as Easy to Hack Security Cameras as it is in the Movies?

While just about everyone can enjoy a good action movie, most of them present a lot of scenarios that make you wonder how realistic they really are. For instance, all manners of heroes and antiheroes alike have dramatically cut off security cameras at the perfect moment to get the job done. This always looks awesome, but is it really that easy?

Everything is Easier in Movies

Most people realize that the events taking place in movies have been idealized beyond what can reasonably be expected from real life. The stunts that we see in movies are hardly ever true in life because each frame has been carefully planned out, prioritizing drama above realism.

Unfortunately, even if you were to successfully hack a video surveillance system, it simply wouldn’t be as smooth and cool as the scenes in the movies portray. However, that’s a huge part of why movies are so great–they allow us to enjoy scenes that we wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.

Video Surveillance Tech Has Improved a Lot

One of the biggest reasons that it isn’t as easy to hack security cameras as movies would lead you to think is that commonly used surveillance tech has improved a lot during recent years. Action films highlight the key moment when defensive measures are bypassed, but they don’t accurately depict the moving target of ever-evolving technology.

CCTV security systems are rapidly being replaced by digital systems that stream live footage via the internet and make remote surveillance more effective. The latest video surveillance cameras and software have been infused with AI and analytics. Integrated Video Content Analytics can now sense motion and utilize shape recognition, and some even sense tampering.

People Are Getting Smarter

The recent increase in online stories of hacked security systems has motivated many consumers to keep up with their security measures more effectively. Additionally, you can bet on banks and government buildings being quite a few steps ahead of your average consumer product where real-life security is concerned!

With every security breach, organizations and consumers alike become smarter in how they handle their security systems. Alongside the ever-advancing technology that many systems are now integrating, people are getting more diligent about changing passwords regularly and checking their live security streams.

While gripping heist movies might thrill their audience with skillfully conducted security breaches, hacking isn’t so easy to pull off in real life. Movies indulge in their fair share of idealization, which sets the bar awfully high! Every security camera system has its weak points, but surveillance AI and the people who use it are constantly evolving towards a safer tomorrow.

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