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Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

OK I know I’m a little late in seeing this thing, but I just found it on Netflix. There’s no denying what a man, myth, and legacy Steve Jobs had and was. Below will be my thoughts on this PBS special talking about his life. 

Steve Jobs 1 Last Thing

Chances are you’ve had a Apple I, IIcegs, Mac, iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad at one point in your life. Unless you are just an Apple hater.

SJ 1

The image above might be the best “in memory” tribute to Jobs after he passed away October 5, 2011

Overview: This is the story of Steve Jobs and the legacy he left us with. Through colleagues, friends, and others we see just how Steve Jobs impacted the world. It shows you how he rose to the fame had has and it shows you the Evolution of the film, technology, telephone, and music industries. These four industries Steve Jobs all had a hand in at some point or another.

Why You Should Check It Out: Anyone who wants to learn about the man behind Apple’s innovation should watch this. Whether you are an Apple supporter or not, is is a rare look behind the scenes and into Steve Jobs’s life. You can really tell that the friendship between Woz and Jobs was genuine and they broke new ground with Apple. I remember wayyy back in 1991 my first Personal Computer was an Apple IIgs, and I loved every minute using that thing. Both for school and playing games on it. Yes we all know that Steve could be and was a tyrant at times, there’s still no denying what he did to further the way we live today. Even though Steve Jobs had a lot of help over the years, this showcases that truly one man can and has made a difference the world over!

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Final Thoughts:

I loved watching this documentary, it was very interesting to see and hear about the man behind the pubblic figure that we all knew and loved. Every time you watched an Apple event with Steve Jobs showing off their newest products it was a magical thing. He made us believe in the enjoyment of music with iPid, the awesomeness of iPhone, in the fact you could have an mp3 player and a phone all in one. Steve Jobs’s legacy will live on forever. If you are interested in learning about the man watch this!


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