Top Baby Tech For Geeky Parents

There are countless nifty items that make everyday life easier for techy parents, and their new geeky babies

Top Baby Tech For Geeky Parents

Over the course of 2018, approximately 3.8 million babies were born in the USA, according to The National Center for Health Statistics.  Being a parent may be the biggest blessing in the world, but it’s not always a walk in the park. While technological advances in fertility and pregnancy are making it easier than ever before to bring a bouncy baby into the world, nerdy parents can also look forward to investing in a plethora of geeky gadgets once their bundle of joy is born.  Although some of the coolest baby contraptions are purely a novelty, there are also countless nifty items that will make everyday life a lot easier for tech dads, gadget moms, and their brand new geeky baby.

A good baby monitor is an absolute must

Baby monitors are superb when it comes to giving new (and seasoned) parents some extra peace of mind. These monitors allow you to wander a bit further away from the nursery with the confidence that you will be alerted as soon as your baby’s breathing or heart rate changes, or if an adventurous toddler climbs out of their crib. There are various types of monitors on the market to suit just about every need a parent may have. While some monitors, such as a brightly-colored offering from Decco, will sound an alarm when the nursery door is opened, others, including the Owlet Sock, are designed to effortlessly slip on your baby’s foot and, via an app on your smart device, alert you of your baby’s activity.  Some of the more high tech offerings feature dual cameras that will provide you with crystal-clear visuals of your baby at all times.

Baby’s love their bouncy seats

Both parents and babies love bouncers and swings that allow the tiniest members of the family to safely rest while the adults get things done around the house. Typical bouncers of years gone by relied on spring systems to provide the ‘bounce’ and were hardly considered high tech. Thankfully, a new range of modern-age bouncers will appeal to even the most fastidious of geeky parents. If you’re looking for a bouncer that is as stylish as it is functional, consider opting for the Nuna Leaf Curve that will be a great addition to even the most contemporary, techy rooms. Alternatively, consider a mamaRoo bouncer that closely mimics the gentle motions of a loving parent. Apart from having 5 motion settings, the mamaRoo also connects to any MP3 player, enabling you to share your love of good music with your child from an early age.

Keep the monsters away with a cool night light

Battling to get your baby to sleep is a nightmare for any parent. While there are many possible reasons why a baby battles to fall (and stay) asleep, it may be that they are simply afraid of the dark. If this is the case, the situation can be rectified fairly easily with the use of a stylish night light. There are countless night lights available on the market, some definitely more high tech than others. Although you will still be able to find an old-fashioned night light that you need to manually switch on and off, tech-loving parents will undoubtedly prefer something a bit more modernized. The Hatch Baby Rest stylishly combines a nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert in a single device that can be controlled from your phone. Not only are you able to fully customize color, brightness and volume, but you can also program the device to switch on and off according to your family’s sleeping schedules. If you are raising a new-generation superhero fanatic, you may prefer a more futuristic night light, such as the Glo from Tomy, which consists of three color-changing removable orbs that can safely be placed inside your baby’s crib.

Although nothing can replace a parent’s undying love, a few techy gadgets can definitely make raising a child a lot easier. Exposing a child to technology from a young age can also help instill the same passion you have for all things geeky in the most important little person in your life.

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