HomeThe 4th Annual GCRN Awards – 2018

WELCOME back as we enter the return of the Awards with the 4th Annual GCRN Awards! Now we’ll let you chime in and decide what to nominate for by open entry the same as last year. We have tweaked and modified the plan for this awards season and hope you enjoy what we have in store. Again, it’s all in ONE page.

Before I begin, this WAS supposed to be released in the beginning on January, but due to issues beyond control, it was delayed. Alas here it is and we hope you enjoy!

So without further ado, have fun, pick the nominees, and let’s see what choices you choose!


Important Dates:

  • March 19th – Voting Ends
  • March 21st – GCRN Awards Podcast Release TBA



Thank you all for participating in the 4th Annual GCRN Awards! We will have the results in the Awards Episode of GeekCast Radio so stay tuned for that!