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Heavy Kitbashes: Custom Dawn of Future Past – Pre-Beast Megatron Pt 1

Beast Wars Transformers Customs

Hey all! So I had been thinking about undertaking a custom Megatron from Dawn of Future Past for quite some time. Without his armor. Not sure yet what figures to use as base components but I am thinking these options could work but went looking for ideas deciding the actual components. I am not worried about transformation but want the figure to look similar then I’ll worry about that part. I have partially figured it out though.
This will be a weekly progress update. So far, I’ve done quite a bit here already.

The Components

Head – WFC Beast Megatron / WFC T-Wrecks / OG Beast Wars Megatron
Arms & Shoulders – Combiner Wars Skywarp
Legs & Waist – WFC Galvatron
Chest – WFC Galvatron
Chest Coverage – Combiner Wars Leader Skywarp…Sorta
Cannon & Gun – Combiner Wars Legends Shockwave

Then I’d use some milliput for crafting more specifics and then Testors paints for the remaining aspects. For the paints I’ll be using Metallic Dark Gray for the grays/blacks, Metallic Silver for those aspects, Neon Green for the chest portion, and Glossy Grape for the body.

This is essentially what I am working towards.

So I plan to use Combiner Wars Shockwave as the gun and cannon. I’ll probably have to mold it some to fit it in his hands in both modes since he has the peg to hold it too big for his hand. Might build or work with existing parts to make it work.

The WFC Galvatron will work great too once I tear off his treads, and some of the alt mode components to work.

Shoulders I am trying to figure out how to take the shoulder fold down portion off without breaking it since the pin is only visible on one side. I want to replace it with a LEGO shoulder pad or one from another compatible figure. Still a WIP on that idea.

Original plan was a 3D printed chest however it has proven too expensive and I lack the skills to make this happen. So I attempted to use the Skywarp chest. But I’ll get to that later. Will use milliput for additional molding on the figure to work out further details.

But this is the entire plan as it stands.

Transformation Options and Gun/Cannon Appearance

I was toying with two different versions on the alt mode. I like the first one but the arms don’t work in this mode. I might try to pull the arms back toward the cannon to see if it will work for both versions and see what fits best.

As for the treads, it’s a one sided pin and have no idea how to get it out without damaging parts of that and the figure. Same for the shoulder mounts that I’d like to replace with shoulder pads. But it appears the black blocks on his shoulders support the transformation ability for the swivel.

Only thing that is “parts forming” is the cannon itself but the rest is native to Galvatron.

The Gun / Cannon – Repainted, and Trimmed

So I cut the tab off of the Shockwave handle since it had two and made this fit in Galvatron’s hand and the slot on his back. This added to the look for the transformation which I was uncertain whether I could accomplish using this figure. Despite some subtle differences, I think it will work fine.

The Chest – Concept 1

As for the chest, I was using CW Leader Skywarp’s but heavily chiseled down with milliput added to attach and fill the gaps. Smoothed out some of the arms, cleaned it. Chipped away more of the CW Leader Skywarp chest interior to be flush with the Galvatron chest so as to not remove it.

I attempted to use the cheap branded putty from Hobby Lobby and it was super watery and loose and the container broke. I switched to Milliput to mold the right and left side, the “owl face” faux cockpit. I am also filling in the edges of it so it’ll be flush to the WFC Galvatron chest.

So once it dried, I planned to sand it down, chisel it, and prep it for attachment to the chest plate. Not sure how to attach it there yet. I have stuck it to the chest however with the milliput so we’ll see if that works. Otherwise, it’s coming along. Once the figure dries I am prepping for paint. If the chest doesn’t work (it didn’t) out I might pick up a 2nd chest plate from a Titan’s Return/Walmart G1 Reissue Chromedome or a custom job.

The head will get swapped out once I get it. Still waiting on the head but otherwise I am going to begin tearing this apart soon for paint prep work and removing the treads, the shoulder elements, the head and replacing the cover for the chest.

Not sure how to go about adding shoulder pads to him yet. I did however cut off the treads seeing no real way of removing the one sided pins.

Stay tuned for more in part two!

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